Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Black Sheep Cafe


An unpretentious french cuisine...

I’ve long heard of this little gem at Little India and finally made my way there on that fateful evening. It is not hard to find this restaurant, just 10 minutes walk from Albert OG.


I love the minimalist, vintage interior of the restaurant. Restaurant is simply decorated with a few “black sheep” oil paintings on the wall. With only 3 choices for starters, mains and 2 desserts, Chef cum Owner, Mr Ratha specialize what he did best. With no GST or service charge, Chef Ratha shows you how you can enjoy quality French cuisine with no hidden cost. =D>


For the mains, we had an excellent Duck Confit on Apple Rosti ($21). It smells so heavenly when it was first brought out of the kitchen. The duck skin was crisp and the meat so tender that it flakes off bone easily. The dish came with a tangy mango relish, sweet and refreshing with balance out the richness of the dish. And I do love the tasty apple rosti as well. There was nothing but cleaned bones left by the time we were done with this dish. I want one, no, two more of it! :))


Fish of the day was Snapper Fillet ($21) with creamy white wine sauce. This paled in comparision to the lovely duck confit. The flesh was slightly tough to my displeasure. However, the creamy white wine sauce seemed to salvage the dish a little. It was real delish! It will definitely fare better if the fish is Chilean seabass or Cod fillet.

I must say the service was excellent. The waiter knew that friend and I are sharing and they serve one main at a time, giving us ample time to finish it.  I also had a good chat with Chef Ratha. I’m so satisfied witht the food and service that I gave a $4 tip. We didn’t have any desserts eventually but next time I will!
I am already missing the duck confit... /no

The Black Sheep Cafe
35 Mayo Street
Singapore 208316
92721842 or 6292 5772
Closed on Sunday


Xin Li said...

=d looks yummy and the place as an old coffeeshop feeling. I like your photos (:

I have added you to our blogroll.

Do they offer set meals?

Amasou-Umasou said...

Ah, I like those black sheeps on the wall :)

Bella Vanilla said...

Xin Li: Thanks! Added you too :) They do offer set lunch but I didn't probe further that day. Perhaps you may wish to give them a call to check.

Amasou-Umasou: Perhaps you may wish to check out this restaurant to see more "black sheep" paintings. hehe :P

*Harris said...

loooks really really good. at good, unpretentious prices too!

Bella Vanilla said...

harris: they do serve reasonable-priced steak too :)

HungryEpicurean said...

KIV this! Looks like a place that I would go!

*Harris said...

bella, bring me there! :D

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