Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bistro Du Vin

Located along the Shaw Centre, this charming French bistro by Les Amis Group has probably one of the best value lunch set. For only $28++, you get an appetizer, main course and dessert. I was pretty skeptical on trying out Bistro Du Vin initially as I’ve heard both positive and negative comments about the food here. Fortunately, this visit had been surprisingly delightful.

The complimentary Baguette came warm and crusty. Spread some butter on the toasted baguette, this is certainly a great start to the meal ahead.

Cream of Pumpkin with Garlic-cheese Croutons

Friend is an avid fan of pumpkin soup and I’m not surprised that she chose this for appetizer. The cream of pumpkin was mild and sweet with the garlic-cheese croutons that certainly add on flavor to it. In fact, I find the soup really nice and addictive that I wished that I have one bowl myself!

Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon
 Scrambled Eggs with smoked salmon
The scrambled eggs were done perfectly, just the way I like, with the right consistency and texture. And the smoked salmon definitely complement well with the eggs.

For the main course, friend had the French Duck Leg Confit (+$6), served with Brussels sprouts and mustard sauce.
Duck Leg Confit

The duck confit was very crispy on the outside, with the skin tasty and flavourful. However, there’re some parts of the duck confit which was slightly overdone which result in burnt parts on the skin. Fortunately, the tender meat managed to save the slight imperfection. Bistro Du Vin’s duck confit was not bad, but I still feel that The Black Sheep Café does a better duck confit, and also the best I’ve tasted so far.

While the duck confit didn’t impress me much, my main course certainly did. I had the Catch of the day, which is Pan-fried Norwegian Salmon with fennel and capers.
Panfried Norwegian Salmon
Now this is the real deal. Salmon was done excellently, crispy on the inside, and a melt-in-the-mouth texture on the inside. Cutting through the meat revealed a fresh pinkish undertone. This is absolutely brilliant. I wished I can tell you how awesome this is but you just got to try it out yourself. I was lucky to be able to get the Norwegian salmon because just minutes after I placed my order, it was sold out for the day (replaced by panfried seabass)! In fact, I saw one table of four who all had the Norwegian salmon as their main course. Friend was eyeing my salmon throughout the meal while I was happily indulge in heaven. But of course, I did share some with her.:)

Both main courses come with French fries, or you may change it to mashed potatoes. Nothing fanciful, but I like the crispy fries. ;;)
French fries

The desserts on the lunch set didn’t appeal much to us so we decided to change to other desserts on the ala carte menu.

Grand Marnier Souffle served with vanilla ice-cream (+$4)
Grand Marnier Souffle
The soufflé was extremely light and fluffy with the Grand Marnier discernible but not overwhelming. The simplest pleasure indeed.

Chocolate Fondant Cake served with vanilla ice-cream (+$4)
Chocolate Fondant Cake
It’s been such a long time since I’ve been “wowed” by a chocolate lava cake. The chocolate fondant cake was remarkable. Rich, bitter and thick chocolate lava flows out instantly upon the first bite. Cake was soft and moist and chocolate lava remains flowy even to the very last bite!

Look at the thick chocolate lava!

Seriously, I can’t find any flaw in this dessert. And I shall declare this as my favourite chocolate fondant cake of the year! Besides, for less than $10 on the ala carte menu, I thought this is a pretty good deal for such a terrific chocolate fondant cake!Yumm..

The service here had been very pleasant but I only have one issue with the noise level. The restaurant can get pretty noisy with the lunch crowd and this makes conversation extremely difficult. But with the satisfying meal I had, I don’t think it’ll be long for me to come back again.;)

Bistro Du Vin
1 Scotts Road,
#02-12 Shaw Centre
Tel: 6733 7763


ice said...

The energy & noise within the restaurant is actually what gives a bistro its feel. I like it this way. If you do visit BDV again, do try their Iberico hams & saucissons. They are really awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..Hmm...! The scrambled eggs with smoked salmon is something i would like to have for breakfast! :D

Amasou Umasou said...

My last visit to Bistro du Vin was 2 years ago way before I started my blog. Agree with Charlene that the smoked salmon scrambled egg looks really tempting.

Time for a revisit I suppose:)

Anonymous said...

Wah the salmon looks so delicious!

Bella V said...

ice: I think the reason why I find the noise level unacceptable because I was sitting right beside a table of 20 people. All talking very loudly and exchanging x'mas present. lol. I'll take note of that the next time I go :)

foodoshoot: haha. My breakfast is all-day ;)

Amasou: You should! This is my first time here and I feel it was really not bad at all.

dirtystall: I think there's only a limited portion of salmon available. If you do go for lunch, try to be early! And reservation is a must too.

*Harris said...

But is it the BEST FONDANT IN SINGAPORE? Hahahahaha...

I loved the mashed potatoes actually, creamily nice.

Bella V said...

Harris: haha. I wouldn't say it is the best in Singapore. Taste is subjective and others may disagree with me. Besides, I haven't tried ALL of the chocolate fondant to determine if this is the best. But definitely my favourite chocolate fondant for now. :)

Cavalock said...

keep telling myself to visit the place but never got the time!

Happy holidays!

Bella V said...

Cavalock: You should try it soon! It is really not bad at all! :D

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