Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Strictly Pancakes


When I heard that there’s a new pancake café opening in town a few weeks ago, I could barely contain my excitement. Oh yes, any place with all-day breakfast thrills me. Besides, this is an all-day pancake café! Sounds enticing isn’t it? I think I’m mad insane when I head down to the café on their first day of operation. ;))


But I'm not alone. Many breakfast patrons who heard of this novelty café came down to try out too. The cafe was full house by noon and was so crowded that they even had to turn down some customers. I especially like the cosy corner on the second floor when you get to enjoy your pancakes on the comfortable sofa.

Garlic & Herb Butter with Maple Syrup

Their menu is pretty simple. There is a variety of choices to choose from for savoury or sweet pancakes. Or alternatively, you may customize your pancake order by choosing the size of your pancake (short, medium, large), type of butter (salted, unsalted, garlic & herb, rum & raisin) and any other sides to go along with your pancake. For the savoury pancake, it comes with choice of butter and a shot of maple syrup.

Chicken A La King ($11)
Medium stack of pancakes with chunky chicken slices served with cream sauce and sweet onion slices.
I was expecting more chicken slices as the name suggests, Chicken A La KING. But sad to say, it only came with three slices. Luckily, the chicken slices are pretty tasty and tender especially when paired with the cream sauce. The pancakes are moist and soft, which are similar to those of Mac’s hotcakes. Only difference is that it doesn’t have the chewy texture of Mac’s hotcakes. I wished that they provide free flow of maple syrup too! They charge a dollar for extra maple syrup!

What-A-Spread! ($10)
Peanut Butter Pancakes layered with Nutella served complete with Kinder Bueno and a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. 

I couldn’t quite taste the peanut butter flavour in the pancake but the thick spread of nutella within the pancakes was simply heavenly. Well, nothing can go wrong with nutella right? It tastes great with anything! This really drives me sugar high. What-A-Spread!


I really like this all-day pancake café concept even though there were some hiccups on their first day of operation which I felt was inevitable. As for the pancakes, some people may like their soft and thin pancakes while others may prefer thicker and fluffier pancakes. I have friends who tried Strictly Pancakes and are not impressed by their pancake creations. Taste is subjective afterall. It has been a satisfying brunch for me but I'm not sure whether I'll return again. I think I still prefer my eggs over pancakes. ;)

Strictly Pancakes
44A Prinsep Street
Singapore 188674
6333 4202


ice said...

"I have friends who tried Strictly Pancake and are not impressed by their pancake creations."

I am one of them haha. My pancakes were soggy!

HungryTrotters said...

ooh this looks yummy! :) And rum and raisin butter, that sounds good! I like the laidback ambiance too.

Anonymous said...

They look so thin 0.0

Try making your own! Pancakes are fun to make

Anonymous said...

Wow. What an extensive menu for pancakes. The lemon curd one looks yum!

Daniel said...

A random thought: The asparagus in the Chicken A La King looks kinda lonely. lolx

Bella V said...

ice: haha. Mac's hotcakes are still better!

HungryTrotters: It is a cosy place to hang out! :)

oysterdiaries: I do make my pancakes too! But thicker and fluffier pancakes ;)

food-print: Ice tried the lemon curd pancake and she didn't like it at all. Quote ice " My pancakes were soggy!" :P

Daniel: HAHAHA! Maybe they should add some carrots with the asparagus? ;;)

Anonymous said...

Ooh my eyes lit up when i saw your pancakes post! Anyway What-A-Spread is definitely my kind of pancakes. :D

Bella V said...

They have many other creations as well! Go try it! :)

Glenn Lee said...

Wow, the place does look pretty cosy!! But pancakes.. Hmm............

Bella V said...

Glenn: They do offer other breakfast items apart from pancakes. You can check out their menu online :)

Shirin said...

Hey my dear! Sorry I haven't been commenting much - been really busy getting myself together with my Masters! The pancake idea is amazingggg! And the pancakes look so lovely. I feel like sinking my teeth into them now! Love your pictures too! Take care! x

Paikia <3 said...

What a Spread looks so delicious! :D I can't wait 2 try it! :D

thegrOOve said...

sad, tasteless pancakes, no buttery flavours, not fluffy

cardboard preferred

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