Sunday, August 29, 2010

Brunch at Hatched


Breakfast. How many times have you heard me ranting on the most important meal of the day? With the breakfast craze still going around like wildfire, I guess many people would not stop hunting for their favourite breakfast place in town, not at least for me.


Hatched has been opened since October last year with its all-day breakfast concept, which is similar to Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery. Located at Evans Lodge, it may not be the most convenient place for breakfast or brunch, but the nice relaxing environment is perhaps one of the reasons which drew many to this restaurant. Brunch this time was with Daniel and girlfriend, where we enjoyed a lovey weekday brunch

The cute utensil is the first thing that attracts our attention. Well, I guess Hatched really prides themselves in their egg creations.


I love eggs and I couldn’t help but to order Philly ($12) – omelette stuffed with strips of steak, onions, peppers, tomatoes and topped with cream cheese, served with a slice of toast.


The steak is tender and moist which really surprised me. However, the omelette was slightly bland and I have to season it with a bit of salt. The portion is quite filling considering the size of the omelette. I’m glad I also added on Chicken Chipolata Sausage ($4) as the side too. The juicy sausages are really scrumptious!

Where’s waffle?


Crispy waffle ($12) with soft moist centre, drizzle with maple syrup or have it savoury! Add on $4 more and enjoy the waffle with black forest ham and sunny side up. Nice smoky flavour of the black forest ham is delicious. And with the mouth-watering sunny side up, dip the waffle into the runny yolk or eat it whole! However, I can only watch in envy as Daniel’s girlfriend savour in delight.
Who loves fluffy pancakes? Me me!
And here’s a Pancake Party!


Three thick fluffy pancakes ($10) are so good. The portion is humongous, just like the one I had at Wild Honey. However, I say the pancakes taste much better here! The caramelised apple, cream and maple syrup go so well with the pancakes. Now I really regret not ordering the sweet breakfast items! Lucky me, pancakes portion are way too much even for a guy like Daniel. He generously offered me a second serving. I couldn’t resist the temptation of course and…more pancakes for me! :D


The pancakes come in duo portion ($8) as well. If you think you can finish three thick pancakes, go ahead and enjoy it! Daniel also had the Wilted Spinach ($2) as the side but it was way too salty.

We are fortunate that there isn’t much crowd on weekday afternoon. Service is really pleasant and our food was served pretty fast. The price is much affordable than Wild Honey with no GST and service charge. However, Hatched’s egg creations didn’t quite impress me though. It was the pancakes and waffle which blew my socks off. Ironic isn’t it? If I were to return, I would probably go for the sweet breakfast items. Do check out their blackboard for the desserts too.:)

By the way, if you are a NUS student, you get 10% off total bill!

26 Evans Road
#01-06 Evans Lodge
Tel: +65 6735 0012
Closed on Monday


ice said...

Do you only eat breakfast haha. ;P

Bella V said...

ice: this is a breakfast blog hence more breakfast posts! hehe :p And I do eat desserts too!

stargirl said...

this pancake lover would have gotten daniel's order without thinking :P i'm always happy to learn of a place which makes good pancakes!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried their eggs benedict here? I'm wondering how it compares to Wild Honey :D

Amasou Umasou said...

Ah, I like that salt and pepper shaker. I think I saw it somewhere before, very creative:)

Bella V said...

stargirl: me too! I tried so many places for their pancakes. And so far only Rider's and hatched's pancakes made a deep impression :)

dirtystall: I haven't tried their egg ben but I heard from a friend it's not that good. I didn't quite like the egg ben at Wild Honey also. The poached egg was way too sour. Not sure whether it is better now. You can read my review here (
My favourite egg benedict is still the one at Epicurious Cafe :)

Amasou Umasou: haha. yes. I love the cute salt and pepper shaker too. Wonder where can I get it. :P

HungryTrotters said...

I've been wanting to go to Evans Lodge, but everytime we plan to go there before, it's always raining! haha since it's not so accessible, Hubby and I have decided to eat there unplanned. Their website is so cute just like their menu and not to mention the creative salt and pepper shaker! Yeah! Hope they sell it :) Now, I'm really craving for those thick fluffy pancakes. Wonder where I can get them here? (or i just keep on looking at your post and imagine :D)

Bella V said...

Lorraine: It was raining heavily when we were there too! Fortunately the rain stops soon after. haha. I'm sure you can find thick fluffy pancakes at Netherlands too! Or alternatively, you can make them yourself! I should email you a really good pancake recipe :D

*Harris said...

It's all day breakfast right? 5mins drive away from me, I should pay them a visit soon!

Bella V said...

Harris: yup yup. All day breakfast :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I see, I haven't had a chance to try the eggs benedicts at Rider's Cafe and Epicurious. Since you recommend them, I shall have to pay them a visit someday :D

ratatouille said...

nice review. may i suggest Hacienda for their eggs benedict for their consistently good poached eggs.

Bella V said...

dirtystall: Egg benedict at Epicurious is consistently good. Rider's Cafe I highly recommend the Morning pancakes!

ratatouille: thanks for your compliment :) I've tried both Hacienda and Prive's egg benedict but on 2 visits I got a overdone poached eggs. :( Epicurious is still my top choice for egg benedict :)

Anonymous said...

:O 10% off for nus students??!!

plus it's so near my school. Must start plotting on how i am going to psycho my friends to drive me there

Bella V said...

oysterdiaries: yes my dear. 10% off!! You guys can always share a cab! The pancakes will not disappoint! Think fluffy pancakes with lovely cream and maple syrup!! *droooool...* ;)

ice said...

I'll rather return to Hatched than Strictly Pancakes for pancakes. The pancakes look so much better, less expensive at better value & the maple syrup is not watered down!

huan said...

i love the pancakes at Prive, Keppel Island. So far they work the best for me.

Bella V said...

huan: I've tried pancakes at Prive before. I find it pretty good too. Hatched pancakes are fluffier than Prive. Daniel and I loves it! I know oysterdiaries just blogged about their pancakes and she didn't like it at all. I guess it still depends on your taste and whether you have the right chef to make the pancake for you that day! :)

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