Monday, August 9, 2010

Barracks at House


Dempsey, it is undoubtedly one of the favourite places for a Sunday brunch. I fall in love with this place since my very first visit. This time I decided to head over to Barracks at House. The alfresco, casual dining is the key factor which attracts a brunch lover like me. Besides, I also love its simple deco, retro furnishing in the restaurant and the glass windows which provide a wonderful view of the lush greeneries.


I needed something sweet to kick start my day, and 7-layer Pancake ($15) is the perfect solution to a sweet brunch. With spreads like nutella, chopped nuts and dried fruits hidden within each layer, it provides a nice contrasting texture. They call it, the 7th heaven...


For a moment I thought the pancakes taste like Macdonald’s pancakes, but I changed my mind on second thought. The pancakes are light, but not fluffy. Drizzled with maple syrup, this is one pancake that drives you sugar high. Just imagine, Nu-tella, maple syrup with pancakes, totally sinful yet satisfying! However, I would still prefer my thick and fluffy pancakes from Riders Cafe. ;))


For a hearty brunch, you may wish to try out Barracks Freeform Eggs ($18). It is actually a breakfast platter where you choose the style of eggs you want, served with sausages, tomatoes and mushroom ragout. The scrambled eggs I find slightly plain, and would be perfect if a splash of cream is added for a more robust, creamier texture.


I feel that so long as brunch is enjoyed with great company, food is always secondary. And with the efficient service and friendly staff on a busy Sunday, I am satisfied. :)

Barracks at House
8D Dempsey Road
#01-01 to 06 Tanglin Village
Tel: +65 6475 7787


stargirl said...

haha did you manage to stuff all seven layers into your mouth at a go?

Bella V said...

Stargirl: I tried but I failed! haha :P

Glenn Lee said...

I like the photo of the pancakes! Haha but it looks so dainty, somehow it just looks like a lady's pancake.

Xinli said...

wow Seventh Heaven o.O

Bella V said...

Glenn: I think it taste like one too with all the sweetness hidden in there. LOL

Xinli: The pancakes are nice to look at. Tastewise I find it ordinary. Riders or prive serves better pancakes :)

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