Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Black Sheep Cafe II: My favourite duck confit


I'm back at Black Sheep Cafe once again for the ever lovely Duck Confit. And without doubt, the duck confit is really delish, which I think is even tastier than before. Crispy duck skin with tender and juicy duck meat is simply scrumptious. In fact, I'm loving the duck confit even more! I may need to return again when my "ducky" craving kicks in. ;))

People, do try out The Black Sheep Cafe. This little gem may just surprise you. ;)

Read my previous review here.

The Black Sheep Cafe
35 Mayo Street
Singapore 208316
92721842 or 6292 5772
Closed on Sunday


Stargirl said...

mmm i love duck. can't wait to give their duck confit a try!

Xinli said...

lets have a gathering there one day =D, I love their duck confit too!

Charlene said...

It's that good huh? Thanks for sharing! :D

Bella V said...

Stargirl: Give it a try and trust me, you'll love it :)

Xinli: Sure! Let's have a gathering after national day! I think I love their duck confit so much that I wouldn't try out other mains. haha :p

Charlene: It is THAT good. Xinli is a loyal fan of black sheep now. He's been there a few times already! :)

Anonymous said...

i like the duck confit at the french kitchen! plus they have truffle infused mashed potato to go with it ;)

Bella V said...

oysterdiaries: I've would love to go to the french kitchen someday! But for the price (no gst & svc charge), black sheep serves really good duck confit. You should go try it too ;)

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