Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tom's Palette - Simply Irresistible


I’ve been a loyal fan of Tom’s Palette for over a year now but it didn’t occur to me to blog about this wonderful ice-cream parlor until now. I tried many new ice-cream parlors but somehow Tom’s Palette has this unique feature that makes me fall in love with their ice-cream over and over again. I am constantly looking forward to my next visit. Their ice-cream is velvety smooth and creamy that makes it so irresistible. Each time I embrace with new surprises, new flavours that always blew me away. ;)
It is only Tom’s that never disappoints; using the most basic ingredients to bring the best ice-cream to all ice-cream lovers. Only Tom’s.:)
Each time I patronize Tom’s Palette, I am always indecisive in choosing the flavours. All the flavours are really remarkable; I wish I have space for a few more cups!
My all-time favourite is the Apple Pie (left). I love anything cinnamon and Apple Pie with bursting cinnamon flavor is so delectable with small chunks of apple and pie crust. It goes really well with the Longan Red Date (right) flavor too. Longan Red Date is so robust in flavor with the sweet dried longan and red dates. It reminds me of the refreshing longan drink with I enjoyed very much. This batch of Longan Red Date ice-cream is so much better than the previous batch I’ve tried. If you have not tried this awesome flavor, please try it out soon!
For me, I really can’t make up my mind which is my favourite flavour. In fact, I have many favourites like the salty caramel, buttered pecan, chocolate sorbet, nuts & such, blueberry cheesecake etc. Besides, I have two other flavours which I really wanted to try it out such as the pistachio and tiramisu. I'll be checking their calendar really closely now. hehe ;))

Check out their facebook for more updates.

Tom's Palette
100 Beach Road #01-25
Shaw Leisure Gallery S(189702)


Daniel said...

Another Apple Pie fan! Yes it is the wonderful cinnamon taste and generous apple chunks that made me love it so much.

Never paired it with the Longan red date before. Next visit! =)

ice said...

The best combination with apple pie is salty caramel cheesecake. Try this combi next time. Longan red date goes well with their tea flavors like oolong, earl grey.

Tiramisu is available for one day only every 2nd weekend of the month, alternates between a Friday & a Saturday. Next month it's scheduled on 13 Aug Friday. (yes I know their schedule like the back of my hand haha)

The current batches of pistachio uses Italian pistachio. They are now waiting for the Iranian pistachio shipment. Wait till you tried their Iranian pistachio, you'll be so blown away. Pistachio ice cream will never taste the same again.

In summary, Tom's Palette is just awesome. :)

Bella V said...

Daniel: Oh yes! I love the cinnamon taste! One visit is always insufficient!

ice: I've tried that combi before and I love it. I think red date is a nice change to salty caramel too. hehe.
And thanks so much for providing me all the info! I really appreciate it ;)
And I have to agree with you. Tom's Palette is awesome! :)

Daniel said...

I'm marking 13th August already! =)

sabrina said...

Hi, stumbled upon your blog and loving it. Vanilla and breakfast are SO my thing too!

Bella V said...

Daniel: Yea! Me too! :D

Sabrina: Hi there! Thanks for dropping by. Hope you enjoy reading my blog. :)

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