Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Egg Tart Battle!


On my previous post on KFC Portuguese Egg Tart, many foodies highly recommended Tong Heng’s Egg Tart. Tong Heng has been around for many years and I really wonder what is their secret which captivates the heart of so many foodies.

Tong Heng’s egg tart ($1.40) has a shape resemblance to a boat unlike the usual Chinese egg tart. The shortcrust pastry’s texture taste like biscuit, nice buttery flavor with a flaky, slightly firmer crust. The egg custard is smooth and wobbly but I find a little too sweet for my liking. The sweetness seems to overwhelm the "eggy" taste which I like in egg tart. By the way, I have a question: What are those small little holes all about?


I head over to Leung Sang next, where they sell Hong Kong pastries. I remembered Ice recommended their egg tart and I was lucky to get one straight from the oven. Leung Sang’s egg tart ($0.90) is very flaky and crispy, the crust is very similar to Portuguese egg tart where you see layers of tart crust. The egg custard is also less sweet compared to Tong Heng. The smooth egg custard with the wonderful crust is certainly good!

I actually prefer Leung Sang’s egg tart than Tong Heng. But I must say that both egg tarts are very different from each other, in terms of pastry crust and egg custard. For those who preferred a sweeter egg custard may enjoy Tong heng’s egg tart more than I do. Taste is subjective afterall.;;) Both shops are located pretty near to each other, you may wish to drop by to try it out!

2 egg tarts and a satisfying breakfast. Yumm..;)

Tong Heng's Confectionery
285 South Bridge Road

Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries
18 Sago Street


Anonymous said...

Wheeeet! Now you got me craving for egg tarts! And i want dim sum! :(

Your pictures are good. I can tell that Tong Heng's crust is definitely firmer.

ice said...

Yay! I'm glad you prefer Leung Sang too! :) Told you it's really good! But the crust is not like that of Portuguese egg tart, this is HK style of egg tart. Portuguese egg tart's crust is not as flaky, the layers are more compact. Tong Heng uses very sweet shortcrust pastry. I think you were unlucky to get the egg tart with air bubbles coz mine don't usually have them. They're expensive too!

Did you get the delish custard bo luo bao from Leung Sang? It's another one of my favorites.

Stargirl said...

haha Tong Heng's egg tarts don't usually have bubbles. was your Tong Heng egg tart fresh out of the oven? the crust isn't so flaky after it's been left to sit around for a bit.

HungryTrotters said...

Tong Heng's egg tart looked like cheese with those holes... :)

Bella V said...

foodoshoot: haha! I love dim sum too! Especially royal china. RC's egg tart is pretty good too!

Ice: yup! Glad I try it out. :) I know the egg tart is not the same as Portuguese egg tart. It is the layers of crust which make me feel both are a little bit similar. hehe. And I feel that leung Sang's egg tart taste like a bigger version of RC's egg tart!
I didn't get to try the bo luo bao but I like the tau sah piah! It is really good! With the flaky buttery crust! Next time I will go for the bo luo bao! Is the custard the flowy type or the harder custard filling?

Stargirl: Seems like I'm pretty unlucky on my visit. haha. I saw many egg tarts on display which have bubbles. And I didn't managed to get one that is fresh from the oven though.

HungryTrotters: HAHA! I like your description ;)

Anonymous said...

I like the colour of the one on the seems more tempting to me as I have quite a sweet tooth. I also prefer the crust to be more tart like.

I wonder about the holes too!

Bella V said...

tinnyisland: haha. Perhaps you may appreciate tong heng's egg tart better that I do. The egg custard is just too sweet for me :P

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