Monday, July 26, 2010

Flor Pâtisserie


I guess I need not introduce further the new patisserie opened by Chef Yamashita, former chef of Patisserie Glace. Flor Pâtisserie is a Japanese-styled patisserie serving authentic Japanese inspired French pastry meticulously prepared by Chef Yamashita, where he shares his sweet creations to both his Japanese and local fans.


Here at Flor, Chef Yamashita has kept some of his signature cakes like the Strawberry Soufflé.


The light baked cheesecake layered with fresh Chantilly cream and strawberries is so cottony soft and smooth. The strawberry soufflé is extremely light and fluffy with a slight hint of lemon. It is so luxuriously good with the fresh cream and sweet strawberries. One forkful after another and it was almost impossible for me to say goodbye even till the last bite. This might just be the only strawberry soufflé which I love. :x

Waguri Millefeuille is Chef Yamashita’s rendition of Mont Blanc. Delicate strands of French chestnut cream carefully piped over a sandwich of crisp, flaky puff pastry and pastry cream, topped with sweetened Japanese chestnuts.


I really enjoyed the buttery, flaky millefeuille which was perfectly caramelized. It is really incredible. However, I’m not quite a Mont Blanc fan and couldn’t appreciate the chestnut cream like my friends did. I do feel it was a little sweet for me.

I love the Chef Yamashita's strawberry creations and I couldn’t resist Napolean.


The crispy puff pastry layered with pastry crème, soft sponge and strawberries tucked within the light crème Chantilly is simply heavenly. It is a little similar to the Waguri Millefeuille with the puff pastry layers but I definitely prefer the latter. Like the strawberry soufflé, Chef Yamashita managed to send me flying to strawberry heaven again.;)


Another of my favourites got to be the Tahiti which is coconut dacquoise filled with passionfruit mousse, and topped with fresh pineapple. The coconut dacquoise layer is certainly light to my surprise. It is such a perfect match with the tangy passionfruit mousse that is not too sweet and really refreshing. I didn't expect myself to love passionfruit pastry that much. But having tried Kki’s Kinabaru and Flor’s Tahiti, I was simply blown away with such a terrific combination.;;)

My dining experience has been really great. With Chef Yamashita’s friendly smile and the excellent service, Flor is definitely a place I want to go back again. :)

Flor Pâtisserie
#01-01, 2 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089588
Tel: 6223 8628


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