Sunday, April 25, 2010

K ki ケーキ


K ki, owned by a husband and wife team, Kenneth & Delphine, for their passion of exquisite, delicate pastry. Each cake is an art, the profound beauty which affects the emotions and senses of pastry lovers.


Kenneth uses his fine pastry skills in the creation of aesthetic cakes & experiences that can be shared with others. I guess I need not explain further the love, joy & tears that k ki brought to many fellow fans.

K ki also shares the space with the Little Dorm Shop which sells wide range of archaic souvenirs and polariod cameras. Run out of ideas for a special gift? This is the place to go. :)


I heard that k ki’s cakes sold out pretty quickly and I make sure I reserved the cakes before heading there. I shall spice up this review by associating a Disney character to describe k ki's cake

Antoinette – Snow White
The fair lady. Gentle, sweet & graceful with a big gracious heart.

Velvetly smooth white chocolate mousse simply melts in your mouth. It is incredibly light and makes eating becomes so effortless. The best part of Antoinette is the mango puree hidden within the soft chocolate mousse.


Kinabaru – Princess Jasmine
Adventurous, self-confident and full of vigour

Daring and adventurous it is.
Tangy passionfruit crème is a refreshing twist to light coconut mousse and chocolate daquoise. It is really surprising how the two exotic flavours merge so well together. While some may prefer Antoinette, I love kinabaru even more. :x


Mont Blanc – Alice in Wonderland
Pure, loving and gentle yet wildly curious

I was curious of how the name of cake came about. I did a little research and this was what I found out.

“Mont Blanc is constructed like a shape of a mountain which resembles the highest mountain in Alps. It is cake or tart made of puréed chestnuts and whipped cream. Sprinkled a dust of icing sugar on top akin to the snow on top of the mountain.”

It is a beauty in disguised.
Chestnut puree was so pure and prominent which compliments the almond tart base beautifully. While I like the taste of chestnut, I do find the fluffy cream slightly on the blend side.


Disney characters may not be the best way to describe K ki’s cakes.
But each cake is unique on its own, cake with a personality. Dream of it, eat it and fantasies.

The first time at K ki was insufficient to drive that fantasy within me. I shall make a trip down again. I am eyeing their Strawberry tart, Little Red Ridding Hood and Mona. Till then..8->

Simplicity is beauty yet extraordinary.

K Ki Sweets
7 Ann Siang Hill
Tel 6225 6650
Their website and 
facebook group


Harris said...

Haha, I didn't realise three different people described three pple in three different ways: love, joy and tears!

Your kinabaru is so life-size that I'm so hungry now...

ice said...

Love your picture of the purple flowers. Del told me they perish very easily so it's not often they display these flowers. You're lucky. :)

Bella V said...

harris: the kinabaru is so tiny! I can easily polish off 2 of them!

ice: really? I thought the flowers are always there. Guess I'm really lucky! hehe

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