Monday, April 19, 2010

Kith Cafe: Breakfast at 7am


Kith Cafe is a quaint little cafe hidden along Robertson Quay. Stepping upon the the homely cafe, I sense a contentment of joy. I was not surprised to see many Caucasian patrons early in the morning, some enjoying breakfast before a day-long work while others just stopping by for a quick caffeine fix. I definitely belongs to the former group. ;) Looking at the breakfast menu on the black chalk board, I wanted not one, but all of it! Pity there's only so much my petite stomach can take in.

Who needs a coffee to kick-start the day?  Not me. Vanilla Chai Tea ($4.50) will do :) It is those smells that are very much filled with nostalgia. I need not explain how obsessed I am with that sweet aroma. Cinnamon-infused vanilla tea was wonderful. I slurped up every drop of it.
A great start to a beautiful Friday. :x


Breakfast need not be extravagant. Give me simple eggs & toast will do. :)


Toasties, scrambled eggs, butter and jam ($7.50). Breakfast has never been so beautiful than this. It is truly an art.


Homemade strawberry jam that came with the toast was excellent. Sweetness was just right and you can even see the entire strawberry pulp in the jam. I can't get enough of it! =D>


I really enjoyed the casual, laid-back atmosphere here as compared to the crowded Epicurious Cafe nearby. The staffs are really friendly and nice to chat with. If you are one of those white-collar workers who needs a good hearty breakfast, Kith Cafe may be your choice. Besides, they opened at 7 am! =))

Kith Cafe
7 Rodyk Street
#01-33 Watermark @ Robertson Quay


Xinli said...

haha nice place right? (:

Harris said...

Looks simple but satisfying enough! I should return to Kith one day and try that Vanilla Chai Tea too :)

ice said...

I love chai latte! I must go try the vanilla chai tea too. :)

Bella V said...

xinli: lovely place!

Harris: The vanilla chai tea has more cinnamon flavour than vanilla. But i still love it!

ice: try it and let me know if its good in your opinion! ;)

ice said...

Whoops I think I made a mistake. I think I'll take the earl grey chai. ;)

Shirin said...

wow.. love the way they plate their breakfasts! :)

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