Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jollyfrog Gourmet Bistro & Bar


Did I ever mention I am going to hunt down the best breakfast places in town? ;)

I first got to know JF through theMoose. Set aside Café Epicurious and Riders, this is one place that all breakfast lovers should not miss. JF is co-owned by Kith Cafe in collaboration with owners of Boomerang Bistro at Robertson Quay. All the three cafés adopt the same Australian dining concept. JF bear a resemblance more to Kith Café with its high communal table and menu inscribed on black chalk board. Difference between the two is that JF is a café by day and a bar by night.


Breakfast to me is never on-the-go. I prefer savoring it slowly, appreciating every mouthful, in a charming and secluded place. With no hassle of the busy crowd at Café Epicurious, this is the perfect place for a little getaway. In fact, I went back to JF twice in 5 days. ;)


Unlike the traditional Egg Benedict ($11.50) which is served on toasted muffins, the ones here are served on multi-grain toast. Two thick slices of ham, asparagus, perfectly poached eggs and multi-grain toast – nothing much I can complain about. Hollandaise sauce is also lighter and less buttery which in fact, suits my palate. I do feel that it will be great if the sauce is much thicker. I also add on sautéed mushroom ($3) as the side. The garlic flavor of the mushroom was strong which I felt was really scrumptious.


I topped up additional $5 for my breakfast to enjoy a free flow of hot coffee or tea or hot chocolate. Pretty awesome! Here are the drinks which I’ve tried:

Latte: Milder taste with flavors [vanilla, butterscotch etc.] you can choose from.
Mocha: the perfect marriage of coffee and chocolate comes Mocha! Like the hot chocolate, this has the melted chocolate at the bottom too. Sweet & bitter. Lovely :)
Flat White: the strongest among the three coffee. Excellent choice if you need a morning perks.
Vanilla Chai Tea: this is much similar to the one at Kith Café but stronger spice flavor.

I really love their coffee. It is indeed rich and robust in flavor. If you love the ones at Oriole Café, you will probably love this even more. And I was told that they roast & blend their coffee too. Now you have another good reason to patronize JF. Sipping a cup of good coffee, enjoy a quiet morning and the lovely latte art. An ethereal beauty. :x

Breakfast is supposed to be pretty. Don’t you think so? ;;)


Not a coffee lover? Fret not.
Spanish Hot Chocolate to the rescue!

This is one excellent hot chocolate which can drive your adrenaline insanely in the morning! I wouldn’t say it is a thick hot chocolate but it has really rich chocolate taste. Give a little stir to the melted chocolate at the bottom, this is marvelous.:)


I was back a few days later to try out Cinnamon French Toast ($7.50). Four thick slices of French toast and organic yogurt with banana.


Savoring the French toast with maple syrup is the most wonderful thing that can ever happen. I may be a little exaggerating but look! Its maple syrup and French toast! How can anyone ever resist it?


I would love to lick the plate sparkling clean but pardon me, serving was too much for my petite stomach. I have a little complain for the French toast as the cinnamon flavor was not discernible. I had feedback to them and I hope it will get better next time round.

The service at JF was really commendable. One of the waitress, Jackie, shown great hospitality to me. Took effort to explain any queries I had and even showed me around the restaurant when I was taking photos. She was all smiles and her service, was really attentive and quick. It's been so long since I had experience such good service. I hope the management do see this review as you have one excellent staff to be proud of.=D>

The weekday breakfast promotion is ending on 2 May 2010. Head down now to enjoy all good coffees and breakfast! :D

Read more about them here. 

Jollyfrog Gourmet Bistro & Bar
81 Neil Road
Weekday breakfast: 8.30am - 11.30 am
Weekend brunch: 8.30am - 2.30 am


Harris said...

Awesome pictures, awesome write-up :)

I'm your biggest fan! :)

Xinli said...

haha a good breakfast is one of the best ways to start the day =d

ice said...

You have the luxury of such leisure mornings!

Bella V said...

harris: thanks :)

Xinli: totally agree! Good breakfast keeps me going for the rest of the day!

ice: hehe. sometimes I have squeeze out a few hours of break before work to enjoy that luxury! LOL

Daniel said...

I'm so gonna try the breakfast places you recommend during the holidays! =)

Bella V said...

Daniel: you should really try it! Try to make it for the breakfast promo? It's ending 2nd May! Eat and study at the same time! :P

Shirin said...

love your photos. especially those of the coffee! (: and the hot chocolate looks really yummy! x

Bella V said...

shirin: I'll bring you there if you're back to sg. :)

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that this place is NOT run by the proprietors of Boomarang. The only similarities would be the good coffee.I am sure the people that own Jollyfrog would be upset to know that their establishment has been linked to this place!!

Bella V said...

hi there,

The information i get if from the waitress who worked there. Boomarang is run by 2 Australian and 2 Singaporean. They joint partnership with the owner of Kith Cafe and opened up Jollyfrog.

Anonymous said...

Kith Cafe does not share the same owner as Jollyfrog and Boomarang. Kith Cafe has a sole owner. Please guys, get your info correct!!

Bella V said...

Anonymous: Co-owner of Kith Cafe, Ahmad Hidayah who collaborate with owners of boomarang bistro and bar. Read here

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