Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Food For Thought


Good Food For A Good Cause

Many of you have already know the cosy little cafe at North Bridge Centre. This time, they've expanded to a more spacious home at Queen Street.

I am here for a good reason, to enjoy a lovely breakfast. While waiting for my breakfast to be served, I decided to explore the cafe...

A rack which sells interesting knick-knacks and souvenirs.


Want to get some?
All the things you see on the rack are for sale! Show a bit of kindness if anything caught your eye. All profits goes to the School of Thought & Love East Timor Orphan's Scholarship Fund.:D


I almost wanted to purchase this cute little bear. ;))


At last! My gorgeous looking breakfast. 
Scrambled Eggs with Cream, Sauteed Garlic Mushroom and Roasted Tomato Salad.
Pleasant to the eyes and certainly ambrosial  :x

This is by far, the best scrambled eggs I had. :)


I am dreaming of the scrambled eggs now...;;)


I was craving for some cakes and I saw the Moist Carrot Cake. Being the only slice of carrot cake on display, I was doubtful if I should have it as overnight cake tend to be drier and more dense. Nevertheless, I decided to order it. /hmm

While it was not as moist as it claims, it certainly has a wonderful taste. Strong cinnamon fragrance and generous amount of walnuts. Cream cheese frosting was not overly sweet and pleasant to the palate. Only complain I had was the cake was a little dry and crumble easily. Perhaps I will give it another try next time when the cake is fresher.


Note:  Breakfast served till 5.30 pm daily

Food For Thought
8 Queen Street
Daily: 9am - 10pm
6338 9887


Harris said...

"This is by far, the best scrambled eggs I had" - AGREE AGREE AGREE!

Bella Vanilla said...

harris: you bet i'm craving for it right now. ;)

dot. said...

I am SO addicted to their scrambled eggs and brioche I can't stop thinking about them!!

Bella Vanilla said...

dot: Are the brioche that good? I only tried those from wild honey. Shall wait for your review. :)

Shirin said...

wow! the cafe looks really interesting! (: and the scrambled eggs! 0.0 just wondering, did they use butter to cook the scrambled eggs? xx

Bella Vanilla said...

Shirin: I supposed so? Cause it states scrambled eggs with cream. hehe. But as long as it's nice, who cares? :P

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