Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vanilla Bar & Cafe


Bella Vanilla loves Vanilla Cafe

How could a vanilla lover ever miss out such a nice cafe at CDB? Definitely not me.


It is a such a lovely place to laze around in the afternoon, especially after lunch hour when the crowd had dispersed. I love the clean funishing and interior of the cafe. What's even better is eating and chatting with a great companion. :)

I adore pumpkins and could not resist Pumpkin Coquette ($4.90). Crispy outside, soft and mellow inside. It does taste like sweet potato coquette with its mild sweet taste. So much a vanilla lover, I knew I had to order a Vanilla Smoothie [top]. In fact, the vanilla smoothie was vanilla milkshake. So thick and rich in vanilla flavour. I love. :x


With the nice recommendation by the waitress, I had a Norwegian Smoked Salmon with Egg Mayo Sandwich ($7.90). There's nothing much I can complain about the sandwich considering the abundant of fresh ingredients and a well-toasted panini. I enjoy every mouthful of it.


Ending our brunch with their signature Molten Chocolate Cake with French Vanilla Ice-cream ($10.90). Molten chocolate cake was ordinary, not much of a "lava cake".  But I do appreciate the french vanilla ice-cream by the side though. ;)


If you happened to be in the area for a good coffee or sandwich, do drop by Vanilla Cafe. Not forgetting to mention they do serve all-day breakfast too.;;)

Vanilla Bar & Café
3 Boon Tat Street #01-01
Mon-Thu, 1030am - 11pm
Fri-Sat, 11am - 12midnight, closed on Sunday and PH
6423 0366


Harris said...

Your pictures are awesome. Let's emphasise that: AWESOME. Heh ;)

If only I can grab the croquettes and eat them now, they look so good.

Shirin said...

I agree with Harris, your pictures are beautiful! :)

Xinli said...

haha you finally went to Vanilla Bar and Cafe. I wanted to go there a few times but they aren't opened until 10-11 am for breakfast. The place is sure cosy.

Bella V said...

Harris / Shirin: wow. I'm really flattered. Thanks guys! :)

Xinli: haha. It is a really nice place. But if you go, don't go during the lunch hour. 2 or 3 pm in the afternoon is great

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