Monday, April 12, 2010



“Break out from your normal routine, be extraordinary"

The simplicity concept and style of this little cafe sure take my breath away.


At Kichn, you create your own meal & blend. There are a variety of flavours to choose from, ranging fruity flavours (mango, lychee, peach etc) to milo and featured special. You can decide two (double blend) or three flavours (triple blend) by shading the menu given.


Likewise for their mains, you decide the combination you want. You may wish to read more here.


Our special creation:
Milo & Peach - This is awesome!  So thick and rich as if I am drinking milo dinosaur with hint of peach flavour
Chocolate & Strawberry - I was deciding between strawberry with milo or chocolate. But since friend had milo, I went for the latter. While this was good, the former definitely taste better! :D


We also had Crispy Seaweed Chicken ($3.90) to munch on. Drumlets are really crispy but not as flavoursome as I like it to be. Seaweeds are sprinkled on top instead of marinating it and deep-fried thereafter. Well, it is still enjoyable to munch on. :)


I really love chilling out at Kichn. Outdoor seating and watching people as they walked by, totally my kind of place ;;)

Check out their menu here.

I simply love kichn :x

180 Albert Street
#01-05, Albert Court
6333 0015
(Cash Payment Only)


Harris said...

Lychee, Oreo and Milo Blend: Tried and tested, another AWESOME flavour ;)

Shirin said...

I love the effect of your photos! Extremely pretty! :) And I can't wait to get some milkshakes (ice-blended drinks?) in SG! xx

Bella V said...

Harris: Wow. I'm thinking of Milo, Coffee & Banana next time! haha :P

Shirin: Thanks dear! It is ice-blended drinks, not milkshake. But still, it was awesomeeee ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, i agree with you, its really a nice experience to dine there. Actually me and my friends initially wanted to dine in 15Minutes at Laselle, but its packed, but we never regretted the decision to dine at Kichn!

Try Choc+Lychee too, its nice!

Bella V said...

Hi anonymous,

I've walked past 15minutes numerous times but my legs nv seem to walk in there somehow. haha

I will head back there soon. Maybe I will try out your combination! :)

Do leave down your name next time when you comment ya. So that I know who I am talking to. hehe ;)

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