Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shots Cafe


Many of you may have missed this cafe which is just across the street where the famous K Ki is located.  Shots Cafe is more than just a place for a quick caffeine fix. Sipping a cup a cuppa and immerse yourself in this beautiful gallery. A pleasant place for a good "coffee talk".


I don't drink coffee frequent but the Cappuccino I had was not bad. I was told by the barista that they roast and blend their own coffee, which explains the strong roast aroma of coffee. What interest me more is the mini macaron accompanying the coffee. Cute & lovely. ;))


A hungry lady needs to eat.
And hungry lady got a Turkey Creation! :))

Turkey ham, roasted mushroom & cheese with fluffy toasted bun. I didn't quite enjoy the sandwich because of the strong cheesy flavour. :-S 


Shots Cafe do offer photography course too. Do check with the staff to find out more.

Shots Cafe
8 Ann Siang Hill


Anonymous said...

Yeah! The macaron looks cute!
Green tea flavour? :)

Bella V said...

foodoshoot: haha. it's mint flavour :)

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