Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wild Honey: Breakfast For Dinner


I love breakfast for dinner

Hatched and Wild Honey are the only two places I know of which serves all-day breakfast. And located right in the heart of Orchard road, this is one place that can satisfy my breakfast cravings at night. In fact, I did have an "all-day breakfast". A fantastic egg benedict at Epicurious for brunch and a lovely Tunisian breakfast for dinner.

I'm glad I made the right choice to order Tunisian Breakfast ($18++). ;) Tomato stew in hot iron pan with half-boiled eggs and chorizo sausage (beef & pork). The tomato stew is really robust in flavour and I love the toasted brioche by the side. Thick and fluffy brioche goes really well with the stew. Dip the toasted brioche into the stew, it is marvellous. :)


I have high expectation for Egg Benedict ($18++) and sad to say, the ones here didn't make the mark. :( Bestie was watching me in envy while she had her egg benedict. She agreed that the toasted broiche is really good. ;;)


Hits and misses, Wild honey may not be the best place for breakfast but looking at the varieties they offer, I will still be back to try other breakfast items. I am already eyeing at the New York and Canadian breakfast! :))

Wild Honey
333A Orchard Road
#03-02 Mandarin Gallery
Tel: 6235 3900


Harris said...

wow... double "breakfast" :)

Anonymous said...

I had breakfast for dinner on saturday too ;)

Bella Vanilla said...

Harris: Well, I'm a breakfast lover. hehe

sittingwishingeating: where did you had your dinner? :)

Anonymous said...

wild honey is abit over rated ya? lol! i tried it before and it was that fantastic.

Anonymous said...

oops sorry i mean it was not that fantastic.

Bella Vanilla said...

thisisyummy: yep. I thought so too. I definitely can find better breakfast elsewhere. But their toasted brioche is really good :)

BanBan said...

Woh, certainly looks very good. The tunisian looks egglicious, but the benedict failed in apperance.

Bella V said...

BanBan: The stew was excellent and was a perfect match with the toast brioche! The egg benedict was really disappointing. If you want a good one, epicurious cafe is a good choice. :)

Olesya said...

ooks appetizing)

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