Friday, April 9, 2010

Breakfast #03: Mr Nutella


N: Hi, I am Mr Nutella. I have a nicely tan skin colour. Babes are so obsessive with me because I'm hot and sexy. Even guys do. /nobigdeal

I fall in love with u at first sight Bella, do you want to be my girl? :x


B: Hi Mr Nutella. I admit I'm in love with you too. ;;) Trust me, I want to be with you forever. But I'm afraid I've already eaten you up. You are with me forever :-*


Shirin said...

So cute! :)

Harris said...

Awwww... Are those sugared peanuts by the way? And I realise the amount of nutella that you spread is soooo thick, twice what I put surely!

Bella V said...

Shirin: hehe. you can do one too. It brightens up your day :)

Harris: Yep. Sugared peanut. I had one slice only. haha. Kept me full for 4 good hours. lol :P

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