Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Missing Frigidarium


I've been to Frigidarium for a couple of times now and I must say all the flavours that I've tried so far did not disappoint. Dark Chocolate & Bacio was such a wonderful combination together. Bacio with strong nutty aroma of hazelnut chocolate was really good. Think Ferrero Rocher, think Bacio. Both flavours were full with chocolately goodness, definitely able to satisfy my chocolate craving for the day! ;) Frigidarium has also improved their recipe for the Italian Pistachio which I feel was even nuttier, fragrant and better than before! That being said, that is definitely my favourite nut flavour now!

They have quite a few new flavours recently such as Avocado, Champagne, Perssimon, Banana Sherbet and Latte. They sound really tantalizing. I guess it's time for another visit soon :)

Check out my previous review here.

146 Market Street, #01-40
Market Street Car Park
Close on Sat & Sun


dot said...

ohhh I tried the dark chocolate when I went too - it's so crazy thick the consistency is different from the rest of their ice creams hahaha! But i love it :)

ice said...

Have you tried Tom's pistachio? They're now using Italian pistachio & it's already so awesome. But wait for their Iranian pistachio in a couple of weeks time, it's so crazily out of this world you'll be blown away. :)

Bella V said...

dot: haha. If you love dark chocolate ice-cream, try tom's palette chocolate sorbet next time. It is the darkest, richest chocolate ice-cream I've ever eaten! Ice can vouch for it :)

ice: haha. I've heard of you raving about it many times! Pity I've yet to try it. I shall keep track of their calender so that I won't miss it!

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