Sunday, June 6, 2010

F for Frigidarium Fabulous Gelato


I was wondering about at Market Street after lunch when I saw Frigidarium. Given the extremely hot weather, I knew I had a perfect excuse to indulge in a delightful treat. I had real gelato in Florence before and I know it’s pretty hard to find a good gelato in Singapore especially with all the unseemly gelateria which claims to be authentic.

I stepped upon the cafe as if I’m a hungry hawk eyeing at all the gelato. Greeted by chirpy and friendly staff, it makes the whole service experience even better. I tried many flavours and am really spoiled for choices. Vanilla, yogurt, nuts chocolate and many more! I finally settled down with 3 flavours – Rum & Raisin, Pistachio and Hazelnut ($6.50). I had the first taste of the Rum & Raisin gelato that came fresh from the ice-cream machine. Oh boy, I fall in love with it almost immediately. It has adequate amount of rum flavour without being overwhelming to set you alcohol-high. The pistachio and hazelnut flavour was so aromatic and fragrance with a strong nutty flavour. Their gelato bears a resemblance to those I had in Italy. It is smooth and light, leaving my mouth fresh after finishing it. This soft and silky baby is that awesome. ;) Besides, their gelato are made fresh daily! If Tom’s palette has the best ice-cream, Frigidarium has one of the best gelato in town. That being said, I’m coming back for more!:D

Harris & Ice, you guys are experts in terms of quality ice-cream & gelato. Do try it and let me know your opinion. :)

P/S: I’ve yet to try Galta Gelato. Till then, I will know where my favourite and the best gelato is. Those who tried both, what is the difference and which is your preferred choice?

146 Market Street, #01-40
Market Street Car Park
Close on Sat & Sun


ice said...

Oh oh... time for more gelato. :)

Xinli said...

haha I was here on friday!

Stargirl said...

Galta's gelato is very smooth and is much thicker and richer, like ice-cream. On the other hand, Frigidarium's has a much softer consistency and has a delightfully velvet-like texture.

I prefer Galta! But Frigidarium is second only by a very small margin.

Bella V said...

ice: haha. there's always room for more gelato!

Xinli: really? me too! I went there after lunch. What flavours did you try?

Stargirl: hey girl, I tried Galta's gelato today. Just like what you said, its thicker and richer. I don't call it gelato actually. Gelato is not supposed to be so rich and creamy, it is something lighter and smooth. I will classify Galta's gelato as ice-cream. I tried 3 nut flavours as the more popular flavours were not available and surprisingly, even I share it with my friend, both of us couldn't finish it. It gets a bit too sweet after a while.
For me I prefer Frigidarium. The smooth and silky texture is pretty similar to those I've tried in Italy. :)

*Harris said...

You asking ice to judge gelato/ice-cream? Did you check if they use real cream/eggs/no artificial stabiliser etc etc etc? HAHAHA...

Looks wise, the texture looks about right. I am disappointed to say Galta has half of its flavours not meeting the gelato mark, so I'm keen to try something else :)

*Harris said...

To be more precise, both me and ice noticed more of Galta's flavours are closer to being ice-creams than gelatos/gelati! The revamped stracciatella is so fake... closer to being dark cookies and cream :(

Bella V said...

Harris: HAHA! I didn't check on that. Oppsss. Was rushing back to work the other day so I didn't have much time ask the staff. And I totally agree that Galta should be ice-cream and not gelato. I was disappointed when I tried it today. :(

Stargirl said...

which flavors did you try?

Bella V said...

Stargirl: I tried pistachio, chestnut and almond. I like the chestnut and almond flavour but it just get a little too sweet after a while

Anonymous said...

oh man all these talk about gelato and ice cream..
my weakness! haha :P

ice said...

hey bella, my strawberry ice cream is on a special personal request. :) It's not their regular strawberry.

Bella V said...

foodoshoot: me too! Certainly delight during hot hot weather!

ice: yup. Noted. :)

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