Monday, June 28, 2010

Al Forno


It’s been a long time since I had an authentic Italian pizza, and I’m glad the meet up with Harris brought us to Al Forno Italian Restaurant at East Coast Rd. Al Forno which means “from the oven”, prides itself for their traditional Italian wood-fired pizza, using the finest ingredients imported directly from Italy.


Here at the restaurant, you can see the Italian pizza-maker making the pizza dough and cooking it in the wood-fired oven. No kidding, their pizza truly lives up to its name. ;)


We waited anxiously as we watched the pizza-maker flipping and tossing the pizza dough. Freshly made wood-fired pizza smells really tantalizing. We had the Pizza Costiera ($22) as an appetiser, topped with tomatoes, mozzarella, squids and prawns. This is truly remarkable. Thin, crisp based pizza with fluffy, chewy dough around the edges. The slightly burnt edges gave a splendid aroma and taste that was truly breath-taking. And not forgetting the fresh ingredients on top that added a plus point to the pizza. Needless to say, we enjoyed every bite.:)

Now I’m craving it even more...yumm

Spaghetti Al Nero Di Seppia ($23)

I’ve always been a fan of squid ink pasta and I must say I was quite disappointed with the ones here. The squid ink was unevenly distributed and it was quite tasteless. But I was really impressed with the freshness of the seafood. Pasta aside, I helped myself to most of juicy clams and scallops instead.

Lasagne ($23)

The hearty portion of lasagne was rather tasty but it proves to be a wrong choice for mains as we were pretty filled up from the pizza we had earlier on.


I like the homely feel at Al Forno but as the night descends, the restaurant can become pretty noisy. Most patrons came with families and it’s not surprised to see some kids screaming around. Reservation is highly advisable if you do not wish to queue. Although the pasta didn’t quite meet my expectation, I know one thing for sure, I love their pizza!:)

Al Forno Italian Restaurant
400 East Coast Road
Singapore 428996
Tel: 6348 8781


Anonymous said...

I cant help but smile reading this :))It's nice to share a pizza!
The squid ink pasta does look a little dry huh..

And.. is this another gem in the east? ;)
Looks like i have to make my way there soon!

Bella V said...

foodoshoot: haha. Btw, the pizza is huge! I don't think I will be able to finish one myself. Squid ink pasta I still prefer the one at Pasta Inc which is another hidden gem in the east. hehe. I guess you have to start exploring the east soon! ;)

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