Thursday, June 17, 2010

Macarons from ET Artisan Sweets


Two days ago I did a sneak preview on the Gorgeous Looking Beauty - Macarons. I only managed to blog about it now once I've finished the macarons. And here it is, I bring to you ET Artisan Sweets!

Frankly speaking, it is hard to believe this is only my second time trying macarons. My first was at Jewels where I fall in love with the sweet and salty Black Palm Island Salt Macaron. I always had the impression that macarons are made up of tons of sugar and buttercream, which I feel that this dessert will be way too sweet for my liking. However, macarons from ET Artisan Sweets are about to change my mindset on the “seemingly cloyingly sweet dessert”. In fact, these gorgeous looking babies are absolutely divine. I wonder why on earth would I shun away from all these delightful treats. Now, I have one more dessert item on my list. ;))

Dressed in a beautiful box, these dainty, innocent-looking babies were placed carefully into the comfortable bed. The beautiful colours are pleasing to the eyes and the wonderful smell simply enticed my senses at that moment.

I must say, they are really awesome. Crisp almond shell, soft centre and slight chewiness on the inside, all within this little gem. The Earl Grey Bergamot is their limited edition flavour for this week. And of all the nine flavours I’ve tried, this flavour emerged as one of my top favourite. They are able to bring out the fragrance of the Earl Grey tea without leaving a bitter aftertaste. The earl grey ganache was a perfect complement to the earl grey macaron. It was really aromatic and excellent! :x I adore the Hazelnut flavour too. It has a subtle nutty flavour and tasted just like ferrero rocher. Give me smooth hazelnut chocolate and crispy pralines, I'm a happy girl ;;)

Black Forest, Salty Caramel and Berry Chocolate all contained 70% chocolate ganache. I am insanely crazy about dark chocolate and these 3 flavours totally won me over with the different combinations. The chocolate ganache is really rich and bitter, definitely for dark chocolate lovers. Black forest, with real brandied cherries nested within chocolate ganache was simply marvelous. =D> Salty Caramel best describe the blissful marriage of sweet and salty which totally works for me. Berry Chocolate has a sweet fruity aroma like Summerberry which I tried later on. However, I still prefer the former as I like dark chocolate more than strawberry buttercream.

Other flavours which I tried include Peanut Butter Jelly (chocolate PB ganache), Vanilla Bean (vanilla cream) and Lemon Raspberry (lemon curd). I feel the peanut butter flavour in PBJ can be stronger but still taste wonderful. While Vanilla Bean is not one of my top favourites, I still enjoy it because of the light vanilla cream. Lemon Raspberry really entices my taste bud with the sweet, tangy and sourish flavour. It somehow reminds me of the lemon & lime soufflé from Roast@1Rochester. This macaron may satisfy those who prefer a light fruity flavour, which is even more enjoyable after each bite. ;)

Although this may only be my second time trying real macarons, I must say the macarons from ET Artisan Sweets are really brilliant. I also heard about their famous chocolate tart but didn’t see it when I was there. While I was typing this, I’m starting to miss the Earl Grey bergamot. I wonder what is the next limited edition flavour. 8->

My quest for Macaron shall begins...Some recommendation please? :)

*Note: Earl Grey Bergamot is only available till next Wednesday! Get it now before it’s gone!

ET Artisan Sweets
32 Holland Grove Road,
Henry Park Apartments
Tel: 6468 6700
Mon - Sat: 9:30AM - 6PM
Check out their Facebook too


Shirin said...

your photos are sooooo pretty! (:

Stargirl said...

i must agree with shirin!

Anonymous said...

You search started with the best Macarons in town... its downhill from here.

Bella V said...

Shirin/ Stargirl: Thanks girls! :)

Anony: Hi there, I will appreciate it if you leave down you name / nickname next time. It is a form of respect to the blogger.

ET Artisan's macarons are really good. But I'm sure there may be some "hidden" gems yet to be discovered. :)

Glenn said...

Your photos are excellent! :)

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