Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jewels Artisan Chocolate


The Teatime Indulgence at Jewels Artisan caught my attention when I was at Orchard Central last week. Since I had plenty of time while waiting for my friend, I just couldn’t say no to chocolates! Well, chocolates are ladies’ best friend! :D

Teatime Indulgence ($14.80++) includes:
1 pc x Praline/Truffle
1 pc x Macaron (Raspberry/Black Palm Island Salt/Butterfly Pea Bloom/Green Tea/Passion Fruit)
1 slice x 85% Dark Chocolate Gateau
1 dollop x Ice Cream/Sorbet (Dark Chocolate/Halzelnut/White Chocolate/Orange Sorbet)
1 pot x Gourmet Tea (Earl Grey/Camomile/Darjeeling/Jasmine/Peppermint/Passion Fruit)

Jewels Artisan brings about a different visual experience to chocolate lovers by showcasing the exquisite chocolate sculptures. Eat, love & admire the beauty of chocolates.


I had the homemade Gianduja Hazelnut Ice Cream (left) and Peridot (right). The hazelnut ice-cream has a nice roasted nut flavour and is definitely my favourite among the all hazelnut ice-creams I’ve tried. Absolutely love it! :)  Peridot - Pistachio ganache layered with praline paste coated in dark chocolate. I like the fact that the chocolate is bittersweet. Somehow I regretted not ordering the nama chocolate as well!


I always have the impression that macarons are cloying sweet and tend to shun away from it. However, I change my opinion completely when I tried Jewels’ Black Palm Island Salt Macaron. The macaron has a light crust with nice crisp; a combination of salted egg and almond cream, topped with black palm island salt. It bears a resemblance to the Chinese salted-egg mooncake. A perfect balance of sweet and salty. This is seriously remarkable! Kudos to Chocolatier Then with the terrific creation! =D>


The Dark Chocolate Gateau Cake is a low sugar chocolate cake made with 85% abinao dark chocolate. No doubt it is rich and dark but I find the cake pretty dry and dense. I would prefer if the chocolate ganache is smoother and the cake moist.

Can somebody enlighten me why did I order Mocha instead of hot chocolate? :-?


Jewels really impressed me with the outstanding Black Palm Island Salt Macaron. I am pretty sure I will be back to try all the flavours! ;)

By the way, I'm in search for the best hot chocolate in town. So far, the best I've tried is Max Brenner Italian thick hot chocolate. Do let me know if you've tried a better one. :)

Jewels Artisan Chocolate
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Tel: 6509 8998


ice said...

Try the classic hot chocolate from Laurent's. It's just melted pure Valrhona dark chocolate & milk. 8 days once mentioned "it's almost as good as the one at the famous La maison du Chocolat cafe in Paris." ( I still have that chocolate edition of 8 days.)

I tried it before & it's seriously thick & very rich. I think there's a rum version too, I've tried that too & it's just as good if not even better. I promise you'll get a sore throat after that.

Xinli said...

wow a chocolate sculpture!

I remember reading on His Food Blog about a chocolatier called Truffs at Telok Ayer, near the Al-Abrar Mosque serving a smoother version of the Italian Hot Chocolate.

Shirin said...

the chocolate sculpture is beautiful! and i think that's quite a good deal for all of the treats you had! ;) xx

HungryTrotters said...

Ok, i'm supposed to be on a diet this week...but i'm craving for that Peridot... *salivating*

Cavalock said...

looks great but never noticed them. usually when i;m at central, i'll just head straight to Ootoya.

Bella V said...

ice: I don't mind having sore throat in exchange for the awesome treat! I've heard so much about laurent and yet to visit the place! I want the chocolate tart, souffle, hot chocolate and so much more!

Xinli: Thanks for the info! I will definitely try it out if i happen to be in the vicinity.

Shirin: Oh yes, just that i regretted not order hot chocolate! arghh

HungryTrotters: haha. Ladies are always on diet aren't we? :P Eat first, worry later!

Cavalock: You just reminded me to go back to Ootoya soon! I love their grilled mackerel! :D
You should really try their macarons at jewels. Awesome!

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