Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Real Food


What does real food means to you?

To me, it means eating wholesome, natural and unprocessed healthy food. Looking at what it seems to be healthy such as frozen yogurt, you never know what exactly you are consuming especially with so many "hidden sugar" or artificial flavors and sweeteners that you do not take notice of.


With so many organic cafe blooming in recent years, I believe more people, especially the younger generations are beginning to realize the importance of healthy living and healthy eating.
I am one of them. :)
I'm glad to stumble upon Real Food, a small organic grocer and cafe which aims to provide customers with natural & healthy food, and not forgetting breakfast too! ;)

Did I mentioned before I love simple, minimalist interior? ;;)

I knew what I want immediately once I've settled down in the cafe - Organic Banana & Blueberry French Toast ($6.80). I had my french toast done using organic rye bread. A healthy change from the usual plain bread. Rye bread is denser than usual bread and has a higher nutritional value. I know many people who shuns away from it but I simply loves it. They served the french toast with organic plain yogurt, just the way I want it. And I must say I really enjoyed this healthy breakfast. :D

Who says healthy is yucky?

With every breakfast order, it comes with a free beverage too! You can choose from organic coffee or tea, oatmilk or rice milk etc.

For someone who doesn't take drink dairy milk (yup, that's me), Oat Milk is a good alternative. It is quite light with a slightly sweet aftertaste.


They serve all-day breakfast, except that the free beverage is only available till 11 am. Just like other organic cafes, they do offer sandwiches, rice/ noodles and desserts as well. The cafe may not be located at the most convenient area, but do give it a try if you happened to be in the vicinity.

Real Food
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#B1-52 The Central
Opens Daily:
9am – 8.30pm


Amasou-Umasou said...

Time for me to visit The Central. Your photos are getting better :)

Shirin said...

Ooh, this sounds like my kind of heaven. Thanks for this my dear! I'd definitely try this place out when I'm back. x

ice said...

You don't take dairy milk? Then what about ice creams? :P I personally think dairy milk is more nutritional than soy/oat/rice milk, rich in calcium especially for women like us. We need to build up calcium in our bones to prevent osteoporosis at our later age.

I've been to this place, to browse at their organic products & for a drink.

Bella V said...

Amasou-Umasou: Thanks! I've yet to try out the ramen place you told me about. LOL ;;)

Shirin: Bookmark this place! hehe

ice: hehe. Apparently I eat ice-cream but I don't eat it as frequent and I try to eat a lesser portion. :P Of course I agree with you that dairy milk is more nutritional but it takes lots of effort for me to digest it. I take soymilk in place of dairy milk as it has the same amount of calcium and protein. Oatmilk is also a good alternative because it is lactose-free and high in fibre, easier to digest :)

Anonymous said...

This is so cool... me too, am a real food lover but living in sg makes it so hard to stay away frm the yucky processed food. I'm going "real food" tmr. (:

HungryTrotters said...

Do they let you choose the type of bread? :)

Bella V said...

Anon: Do try it and let me know if it suits your palate :)

HungryTrotters: The french toast is usually done using sour dough bread. But they happened to run out of it that day and hence they change it to rye bread for me instead.

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