Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Heart Power Walk

[photo credit to powerwalkersworld.com]

I thought apart from blogging about delicious food, I will share with you the lifestyle I love. I believe many of you already know the benefits of brisk walking but...

...how many of you do you actually know about power walk?
Power walk is actually a more intensity walk compared to brisk walking. You usually walk at a faster pace and/or with weights (may not necessary be dumbbells). I believe most of our lifestyles are getting more sedentary especially when office workers (like me) spend most of the time sitting at work. People usually complain of insufficient time to exercise due to the huge amount of workload. However, I feel that this is just an excuse of getting away with a unfit body. :(

I am also one of the OL working from 9am – 6pm daily. I sometimes find it hard to squeeze out time to go to the gym especially after long day at work. However, I introduce power walk into my daily routine to ensure that I continue to live a healthy lifestyle (especially when I love to eat!) and not having any weight issue. For instance, I will spend my lunch hour walking (usually for about 30 minutes) to other areas just to buy lunch. Don’t be shock, the furthest I went was Orchard road. :-O Somehow I feel that it gives me more energy and focus when I’m back at work.

Girls usually tell me “But we shop & walk a lot! It constitutes to power walk as well!” Well, shopping I consider it as leisure walking. You do not sweat a lot and most of the time you are indoor! Sweating helps to release toxins in your body and helps you to relax. I-)

I consider power walk as a more advance level of walking. If leisure walk is level 1, brisk walking is level 2 and power walk will be level 3. Power walk is beneficial if you are trying to maintain build lean muscle gradually and it has less impact on the joints compared to jogging. Besides, it improves posture, joint movements and flexibility! The great thing about power walk is just like brisk walking – you can do it ANYWHERE! :D I remembered once I actually WALK back home from Orchard road which was like an approximate of 5.5km, carrying my heavy bag. =))

I truly enjoyed walking and I feel that I can incorporate it better into my daily lifestyle. Try it for a week and feel the difference! :)

Questions time!
1. Do you enjoy walking as much as I do?
2. How do you incorporate exercise into your daily routine?
3. Do you exercise just to burn off calories or you truly enjoy it?


Anonymous said...

Well, I love power walks lots, especially when I'm too busy to go jogging. I power walk almost 3 times weekly if not I will go jogging once or twice a week. I heart power walks!!!

Just wanna share my current read

Enjoy ur walks! (:

Shirin said...

hello! thought I'd answer your qns for fun! (:

1. I walk a lot too! I could walk for up to an hour in SG (from the library to my house which is really, a lonnngg way) and up to 2 hours in London (from Victoria to King's Cross!)

2. I try to exercise when I can like walking to and from university; and I have a static exercise bike at home which I use (when I'm watching the TV!)

3. I exercise for both reasons! (:

Enjoy your walking! (:


Anonymous said...

Here's some tips on walking http://www.shape.com/fitness/workouts/walking_off_fat/p/page/1

HungryTrotters said...

1. I love walking, on weekdays, whenever i go to town, I always walk back home as well as after catching a movie, even if it's past midnight. Just love how Singapore looks like and I'm able to explore more.

2.I'm not very religious, but i try to jog once or twice a week, and i use the stairs up to the 11th floor thrice a week.

3.It depends, jogging around Kallang River, is just to burn calories, but jogging to ECP is an enjoyment, as I'm looking forward to a well-deserved meal :)

Bella V said...

Annie: Thanks for sharing! :)

Shirin: I walk up to 5-7 hours when I go for a holiday! Really tiring and my muscles were aching the next day.

HungryTrotters: I totally agree with you! I stumbled upon a few places which I previously blogged about during my "walking mission" ;))
And I believe people exercise for the same reason! Pleasure and balance (from food)!

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