Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Caffe Pralet - My Favourite Matcha Cake


Caffe Pralet by Creative Culinare was set up by Chef Judy Koh, in extension of her baking and pastry school. Located in a quaint corner at Tiong Bahru, this little cafe aims to provide healthy and nutritious food to customers. And of course, not forgetting the mouth-watering desserts!

Roast Chicken Avocado Sandwich ($8)
I must say this is one of my favourite chicken avocado sandwich. Simple as it is, but don’t be deceived by its look. The sandwich was packed with chockfull of fresh ingredients that made each mouthful so satisfying and pleasurable. The best part was the toasted panini that remains so crusty and crispy, even to the last bite! :)

Tofu Burger ($8)

This was one of their signature dishes. The key ingredient that makes this tofu burger stood out was the caramelized onion on top of the patty. It was simply scrumptious. But, I had a problem. The patty seems to slip off my bun easily!


One should not miss the cakes and desserts at the cafe that are freshly baked daily. The Signature Pralet Cake ($4.50) is the lightest hazelnut praline cake I’ve tried so far. Rich chocolate cake made with French chocolate nested on top of a crispy layer of wafer and a smidgen of edible gold. The chocolate content may not be as rich as Hilton’s Hazelnut Royaltine or Canele’s Le Royale but the chocolate mousse is unexpectedly smooth and creamy. If you like a lighter version of hazelnut praline cake, I will probably recommend this. For me, I prefer thicker praline base and bitter chocolate mousse. ;)

I’ve tried many rendition of matcha cakes before and none really impressed me. However, I’m proud to announce that I found the best matcha cake right here. For merely $3.90 per slice, this is a real deal. Green Tea Grateau is extremely light and soft; with the green tea mousse literally melts in the mouth. The moist sponge cake was not overly sweet and I really love the strong matcha flavour. The crunchy chocolate coated rice pops sandwiched in between the cake gave a nice twist to the otherwise, ordinary cake. This is terrific! :-*

We also had tea to go along with the cakes.
I was still afraid that the Bael Fruit Rose tea might smell too perfumery but to my surprise, the tea was so aromatic and fragrant with a subtle of sweetness. Berry Dream, on the other hand, was relatively refreshing and invigorating. The hit of sourness gives a good balance to the palate when paired with the cakes.

I really love the whole concept of the cafe. This cosy little cafe is definitely a great place to hang out. The staffs were really friendly and make it a more homely place for a simple meal or just the decadent cakes. Besides, the food is really affordable. If you do not like sandwiches, they do offer Asian and western food. Do check out their daily specials here. 


No idea where to get a good and affordable cake for the coming Father’s day?
Well, I think I just found you an answer. :)


Chef Judy has a new creation – Japanese Mirin Cake. [centre] Though I’ve not tried the cake yet but judging from its looks, it is really enticing. And look at the cake decorations, they are really gorgeous. I believe all dads will be more than delighted to receive those cakes!

Caffe Pralet
17 Eng Hoon Street
#01-03/04 Eng Hoon Mansions
Tel: +65 6223 5595


Amasou-Umasou said...

I like that spanner and plier cake :) This place is indeed a hidden find

HungryTrotters said...

Good find Bella V! :) lovely place and food!

Bella V said...

Amasou_Umasou: there are so much more hidden cafe/ restaurant yet to be discovered! :)

HungryTrotters: thanks! Try it out and let me know if you like it!

Anonymous said...

The first photo kinda reminds me of Jack's Place!
Hehe and the cakes look good! :)

Bella V said...

foodoshoot: oh yes. that really looks like one! If you go I will recommend you to try the matcha cake. :D

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