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The Dunearn @ NUSS Bukit Timah Guide House


Located in the heart of Singapore, NUSS’s Bukit Timah Guild House, The Dunearn serves contemporary European cuisine which is surprisingly affordable. Just a ten minutes minute drive from the bustling orchard road, it housed in a charming, beautiful colonial bungalow. Set amidst in a serene landscape, surrounded by lush greenery of Botanic Garden, it is undoubtedly a stunning place.

I was indeed pleasured to be able to join Harris, the winner of NUSS-BTGH Best Blogger Contest for the delightful 6-course dinner.


We start off with a Complimentary Bread. Foccacia bread came nicely toasted and soft. Smell of the herb-infused bread really whets me appetite.

[photo credit to thesimplestaphrodisiac]

Appetizer: Flamed Wagyu Carpaccio with Truffle Shoyu & French Shallot


I never thought that I would order this initially but the name of the dish did sound impressive and tantalizing. Flamed till perfection, thinly-sliced wagyu was done flawlessly. Medium-rare Carpaccio was a perfect match to the truffle shoyu by the side. Splendid.
Appetizer: Crispy Oysters on a bed of Green Mango with Spiced Lime Granite


Oysters seemed to be a guy's favourite appetizer. Oysters are well-breaded and crispy with a hint of sweet and spicy thai infusion. Green mango accompanying the oysters completes the dish beautifully. I think the chef is really generous to give six oysters for the appetizer.

Soup: Scallop & Mud Crab Broth 


I was anticipating more from the soup but it turned out to be a disappointment. Crab broth lack the seafood essence and sweetness, and the scallop slightly overcooked. I find it pretty hard to finish the soup as it was tad too oily to my liking.

Mains: Oven Baked Chilean Cod with Blue Ginger Red Wine Sauce & Almond Rice Ball


I had a hard time when it comes to choosing my main. But I eventually settled down for ladies’ favourite dish – Oven Baked Chilean Cod. Ooo baby, I love this absolutely and wholeheartedly. :x This oily fish was executed excellently; tender and juicy flesh was so sweet and moist. I love the slightly charred area, giving it a nice smoky taste. Look at the thick layer of crispy fish skin. Sinfully delicious. I managed to take a small nibble of it as I’m not a fan of fish skin. And I love the accompanying almond rice ball by the side too. 

I’m totally sold.

Mains: Duck Confit with Orange & Carrot Puree with Mesclun Salad & Balsamic Dressing


For a change, Harris had the duck confit instead of his usual beef steak. The duck confit was firm while retaining its crispy skin. However, I do feel that the flesh could be tenderer that it flakes off bone easily. It was acceptable considering that the meat was not dry and has a pleasant flavour.

For the six-course dinner, we have a complimentary cheese platter and one dessert each to choose from. However, considering the fact that we prefer to have an extra dessert, the manager managed to change it to Hazelnut Royale with Strawberry Gelato after much persuasion. I'm so glad that they did.


I experienced instant gratification upon the first bite. Bittersweet hazelnut mousse with a thick layer of crunchy praline base, it resembles greatly to the Hazelnut Royaltine from Checker’s Deli. What differentiate it was the crushed pistachios on top of the cake. Paired with the strawberry gelato, it was totally ambrosial. We love every mouthful of it. Oh, did I mentioned we had one each?  ;))

I had the Phyllo Apple with Cinnamon Dust & Vanilla Ice-cream for my second dessert. Crispy filo pastry with warm apple was pure delight. I find the ice-cream ordinary, vanilla flavour was just too mild. It could be even better if vanilla bean ice-cream is used instead. Nevertheless, hot and cold desserts still tasted good together. :D


How does molten chocolate cake sounds? Tempting isn’t it?
What about Warm Molten Chocolate with White Ganache? Intriguing? ;;)
L-i-ck the screen


Molten chocolate cake oozes out sweet white ganache which I find rather innovative and interesting. A nice twist to the traditional molten chocolate cake. B-)

Of all three desserts we’ve tried, I still feel that the Hazelnut Royale is the best. I find it a pity that it was not on the ala carte menu; it was available on the April’s executive set dinner. Here's another shot of it :)


Service at The Dunearn was commendable. Our glasses were always kept full and wait staff constantly close-by. I think we had at least 5 glasses each during dinner! We were absolutely full and satisfied from the lovely dinner. Their set menu changes every month and it gives me a really good reason to head back! =D>

Once again, a big THANK YOU to Harris for the kind invitation. Wherever he is at the moment, he must be enjoying his gelato in Italy! :)

You may wish to read his winning entry here.

The Dunearn @ Bukit Timah Guild House
1F Cluny Road
Singapore 259602
Tel: (65) 6586 3263


Xinli said...

wow it looks really good. Are members of the public allowed to go to the Dunearn?

Shirin said...

The desserts look divine! x

Harris said...

Hello girl, I just left Naples (where pizzas originated from!) and I'm in Rome right now. To date, I have honestly LOST count of how many scoops of gelato I had, probably past ten lol.

Wish you could be here with me... :)

And oh, your pictures on The Dunearn are awesome, as always! Lovely write-up.

to Xinli: Yeap, dunearn is the only nuss restaurant that is open to public. it's at the nus bkt timah campus, for the law fac.

Harris said...

Oh, you're welcome for the "treat"... Pleasure is all mine! :))

Bella V said...

Xinli: haha. Harris had already answered your question. Their executive set dinner is pretty affordable at $38 for a 5-course dinner. You may wish to check out :)

Shirin: Desserts are always lovely!

Harris: hey there! Is it hot in Rome at the moment? Lots of gelato are good for cooling the body! hehe. You must be enjoying yourself there! :D

Harris said...

Hey Ms Val :)

It's 14-18degrees here, so its nice weather. Cold or not, I'm still eating lots of gelato haha!

Xinli said...

to Harris : haha thanks! I hope you enjoy your trip in Italy! It is a paradise for people who love art, food, scenery, history, so much more =)

to BellaV: I would want to drop by and have lunch or dinner (when i have the time and company heh)

Looking for a place for high tea, thinking of the Upper Quad Bar and Lounge for the Tea for Two Promotion at $16 or the Lobby Bar at Sheraton.

HungryTrotters said...

This entry reminded me I need to be back there :) Love their desserts too!

Harris!!!! send us gelato -> from Italy with love haha (bellas in SG are waiting for you) haha

Hi Xinli! Hi Shirin!

Xinli said...

Hi HungryTrotters!

is that another way to address you? It sounds kind of weird to call you that =p

HungryTrotters said...

hahaha, you're right, it's a bit weird. You can call me Raine or Hungry Raine :)

Bella V said...

wow. You guys are starting a conversation here! :))

Harris: Eat while you still can! The gelatos are fabuloussss :DD

Xinli: high tea there's quite a few places to go. TWG, Royal Copenhagen etc. But the tea for 2 at Lobby Bar seems like a great deal! ;;) You can check out sgdesserts for more places.

Raine: I love the desserts at Dunearn! Especially that hazelnut royale. I'm already missing it! :)

Xinli said...

to Raine! nice to meet (online) you =)

to Bella V: sgdesserts is one my favourite place to look for desserts and cakes =), thanks to them, I found Cafebiz. TWG is within my radar for June heh.

I am very tempted to have it at Lobby Bar =d

Xinli said...

hmmmm one day we organize a meet up there before the promotion ends?

Bella V said...

Xinli: sure. Do drop me an email :)

HungryTrotters said...

Im joining you, bellas :)Please drop me an email too :) haha

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