Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Killiney Kopitiam: A Pictorial


I love traditional breakfast :)

Kaya Toast with Soft-boiled Eggs

Do you eat it together or separately?

And something new worth trying!
French Toast with Kaya

I still prefer my Yakun kaya toast best. How about you? ;)


Shirin said...

Ooh, I love traditional breakfasts. (: I always try to eat my weight in kaya toasts when I'm back in SG. (: Is Killiney better than Ya Kun Kaya? I'm still an avid fan of Ya Kun Kaya after trying so many others... (:

Anonymous said...

For me, I love sugar and margarine on my bread.
And maybe a cup of coffee to go along with it! :)

Bella V said...

Shirin: I still prefer yakun kaya toast. Maybe because i've eaten that since young. haha :)

foodoshoot: my mom loves that too! But not for me. haha. I eat my kaya toast with kaya only and I drink milo :P

Cavalock said...

like it too but it always leaves me hungry after awhile

HungryTrotters said...

I prefer Ya Kun too! Bella V, love your pictures! The way you brought so much fun and colors to a simple toast and a cup of coffee.

Bella V said...

Cavalock: you should order double servings next time round. haha

HungryTrotters: thanks for the compliment! I love to see beautiful breakfast! Lovely to kickstart the day! ;)

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