Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Republic of Steak


A lovely meet up with Zaylene finally brought us to Republic of Steak (ROS) at Victoria Street. I love the steak at Aston and when I found out about the affordable steak at ROS, I am determined to try it out. Besides, it usually operates at full capacity during dinner time and makes me wonder what the buzz is about. Like Aston, ROS offers affordable steaks, burgers and pasta. And they have no GST and service charge too.


Both of us had the Set Meal (additional $6.90) which includes wild mushroom soup, drink, main course and dessert.

Wild Mushroom Soup


While it was not the best mushroom soup I’ve tasted, it was rather creamy with generous bits of mushroom in it. However, I feel that it will be better if the soup is served with toasted bread.


I had the Cowgirl Sirloin (180g for $12.50) for my main and requested it to be medium done. The steak was beautifully grilled and I am surprised that it was done pretty well. Each cut was thick and had a strong beefy taste.


Zaylene had the Republic Pork Steak ($9.90) with mushroom sauce. It was acceptable given that the pork steak was not dry. However, having tried the steak earlier on, we prefer the former instead. And sad to say, we didn't enjoy our sides very well.


For dessert, we had the highly recommended Molten Chocolate Lava Cake ($4.90). For the price, this is really value-for-money. It was certainly a delight slurping up the chocolate lava that oozes out. They may not use the premium chocolate to create this, but each mouthful is satisfying. Only disgruntle I had was the icy vanilla ice-cream by the side. Now I’m screaming for a really good vanilla bean ice-cream to go along with it!


Overall I feel that the food here was decent. Service was slow at times but they cleared our plates rather quickly. While I feel that the Sirloin steak was good, it somehow lacks the oomph factor which make me wonder if I will ever return again.

Where do you go for good & affordable steak? Any recommendations?

Republic of Steak
#01-01 Victoria Hotel, 
89 Victoria Street


Harris said...

I'm hungry...

HungryTrotters said...

yes, it makes me wonder why it's always crowded there. I'll try it one of these days! That cowgirl looks yummy! :) (love that shot too)

Bella V said...

Harris. You're forever hungry. hahaha :P

HungryTrotters: haha. the steak was not bad but i still prefer astons cause i don't really enjoy their side dishes.

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