Friday, May 14, 2010

Relax Bistro


Dine, relax and unwind…

Relaxing in bustling Orchard road is certainly possible at Relax Bistro. The posh and elegant al fresco area made dining comfortable and memorable especially with the chic European deco. This is definitely a great place for friends to gather, relax and enjoy a simple or romantic dinner.

Bestie and I were delighted to have found Relax Bistro, a perfect getaway for both of us. We had the Set Lunch which comes with a soup of the day and a drink.

Cream of Tomato Soup


Tangy tomato soup was rich and flavorsome. The cream balance the sourness of the soup well which I felt really whets my appetite!


I am bias towards anything pumpkin. When I saw that the Grilled Chicken ($15.80) was served with pumpkin puree, I knew I certainly got to have it! Grilled chicken thigh was tenderly grilled and glazed with honey apricot mustard jam. The chicken skin was crisp with the sweet tangy flavor. It was enjoyable but it gets boring after a while. Funny, but I seemed to enjoy the side salad more. =))


We spent quite a while chit-chatting at the bistro when bestie asked me, “Why not we have some desserts?”


Well, I never say no to desserts! “One Tiramisu please!”

Tiramisu got to be my favourite Italian dessert and I’m so glad we had it! It never fails to excite me with the splendid combination of coffee, liquor and mascarpone cheese. I simply adore and love the Tiramisu ($9.80) here. Savoiardi (lady finger biscuit) was thoroughly soak with the coffee & liquor, the alcohol level was just right, not overpowering and it was so moist! :x

We were silent for a moment, looked at each other for one second, and I see her eyes smile. I knew what it means, “One more tiramisu please!” ;;)

…and we did!

I found one of my favourite tiramisu here at Relax Bistro, have you found yours?

Relax Bistro
313 Orchard Road
#02-38 313 @ Somerset
Tel: +65 6341 9978


Shirin said...

Your photos are so good! x

Bella V said...

Shirin: thanks dear! There's still a lot to improve on especially when they're so many bloggers out there who take excellent photos! :)

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