Tuesday, June 22, 2010

En Japanese Dining Bar @ Mohammad Sultan


I always get excited over breakfast, tiramisu, and of course, my favourite sushi. I mentioned before Sushi Tei is one of my favourite hangout for good sushi and I'm so glad that I have one more favourite Japanese restaurant on my list. Last week, I stumbled upon En Japanese Dining Bar at UE Square and it was their 30% off sushi and sashimi promotion that caught my attention. Hungry me, the promotion is just too irresistible. I’m so ready to feast! ;))


For a start, I had half portion of Beef Carpaccio ($9). Thinly-sliced beef was so fresh and succulent. One slice after another, I just can’t stop!


Thick slab of Salmon Sashimi ($11.50) was served next. This must be the freshest salmon sashimi I had so far. Seriously even without any soy sauce or wasabi, the sashimi tasted so good on its own. The mild sweetness of the fresh sashimi just simply blew me away. :x


Needless to say, I love the Hotate Sushi ($6.50). And the Unagi Sushi ($6.50) was undoubtfully excellent. It was so soft and moist with the sweet kabayaki sauce. I almost wanted to order another serving! I would say it was just as good as the premium unagi sushi from Sushi Tei. What a great find!


The Tamago Sushi ($4.50) was decent, moist but not as sweet as I would like it to be. I also had a Sashimi Sushi Platter ($17 for 5 sushi) which I had totally forgotten to take a quick snap of it. I guess I’m too hungry. ;;)

I truly enjoyed my dinner at En Japanese Dining Bar. But not all things are perfect, especially for the sushi rice as it falls apart easily. However, given the fresh sashimi, friendly service and attractive price. I will definitely be back soon. :)

And from what I know from the waiter, En Japanese Dining Bar builds on a modern Japanese Concept of "Izakaya" which is widely popular in Japan, where they serve drinks like beer or sake to go along with the food. The working crowd in Japan enjoyed having a drink after work where they eat and chill with their fellow counterparts. They brought this culture back to Singapore and it is widely accepted here as well. I can see many groups having a great time eating and drinking!

*The 30% promotion is only valid for sushi, sashimi and handrolls from 6pm - 8pm. And do make a reservation if you are going in big groups. You can also check out their website for their Happy Hour Promotion.
*All prices stated above are before discount. But there is no discount for beef carpaccio.

En Japanese Dining Bar @ Mohammad Sultan
207 River Valley Road
#01-57 UE Square
Tel:  6735 2212

En Japanese Dining Bar @ Bukit Timah
557 Bukit Timah Road
#01-14/16 Crown Centre
Tel:  6468 5710


Shirin said...

wow! the food looks really delish! (:

Bella V said...

Shirin: I will bring you there soon :)

Glenn Lee said...

Wow! It looks awesome!

Bella V said...

Glenn: They don't look just awesome, they taste great! :D

Xinli said...

i have to agree with Glenn that they really look awesome, thanks to the photographer too =D

Bern said...

I love their food! Their sister outlet, Z'en, also at UE Square, is also great!

Bella V said...

Xinli: Thank you so much for your compliment. I am truly flattered. :) Enjoy your HK trip!

Bern: Hi there! Maybe next time I'll try out Z'en too! Thanks for your recommendation. :)

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