Monday, June 28, 2010

Breakfast #05: KFC Portuguese Egg Tart


Do you prefer HK Style Egg Tarts or Portuguese Egg Tarts?
I :x both. As long as it is freshly baked from the oven!


HungryTrotters said...

Portuguese for me :) Love this KFC egg tart...:)

Bella V said...

Loraine: wow. You post your comment really fast! KFC egg tart was not bad but I prefer Madeleine's Original Portugese Egg Tart from Katong. Have you tried it before?

Anonymous said...

KFC has egg tarts?! Stargirl recommended Tong Heng's egg tarts but I was too full after having K Ki's cakes.

Anonymous said...

The first place to have the KFC Egg tarts was way back in China, let me think.. back in 2006. The KFC egg tart is pretty decent :)

I like Tong Heng's too! The small dimsum style egg tart from Asia Grand is not too bad as well!

Bella V said...

foodoshoot/ reizz: seems like I have to visit Tong Heng soon! What other pastries other than egg tarts are nice? :)

Anonymous said...

yeah me too! asked my mum abt it the other day and she told me that the egg tarts at tong heng are in the shape of a boat. hmm..

ice said...

I like both the HK style flaky crust & shortcrust pastry kind, especially the flaky sort. Tong Heng's not too bad but I find the shortcrust pastry & fillings too sweet even for a sugar slut like myself.

I prefer the flaky crust egg tart from Leung Sang HK pastries at Sago St in Chinatown (near Tong Heng). Their custard bo luo bao is yums! Royal China's very nice too especially when it's hot out from the oven. Otherwise Crystal Jade's & East Ocean's not too bad too.

I don't like Portuguese egg tart haha. Have you tried Le Cafe's beancurd tart?

Bella V said...

foodoshoot: shape of a boat? interesting..hehe. I'll try that soon!

ice: You're the first person that I know of who doesn't like portuguese egg tarts! I love those mini HK style egg tarts too, Especially those from RC, with the wobbly egg custard. I can finish one whole plate myself!

I've neither tried Leung Sang nor Le Cafe but I will love to! I love tarts of any style/ type. hehe. Chinese, western etc. And wow, now there's beancurd tart! I wonder how will it taste like? Perhaps a bit like tau huay custard? ;;)

Seems like I have to search for yummy tarts soon. :)

reiz said...

Tong heng is a classic Egg tart that has been around for years! I miss the ones i had at Macau :(

Stargirl said...

i like both types equally! kfc's portugeuese egg tarts are best eaten when they're freshly baked such that the pastry doesn't get soaked with oil, so pop by in the mornings (:

Bella V said...

reiz: wow. Seems like Tong Heng is a popular choice! I really want to go Macau someday for the portuguese egg tarts!

Stargirl: yep yep. I usually buy it in the morning. haha.

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