Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Smoke Shack


Smoke Shack is a relatively new sandwich deli which opens at the busy CDB area. This New York-style deli offers a variety of delicious smoked-meat sandwiches which is not usually seen in normal sandwich shop. In fact, they have their own smoking machine where they smoke and slow-cook various kinds of meat, giving it an irresistible fragrance and tender soft meat.

I had the Roast of the Day ($10.90), roast beef sandwich with herb butter, sautéed onion, lettuce and tomatoes. The ciabatta bread came warm and soft with the beef slices really tender and juicy. I can see some of the pink undertone of the beefy flesh while munching on it! The smoky flavour of the beef together with herb butter was simply alluring. :)

NY-style deli is uncommon in Singapore and since this is my first time trying smoked sandwich, I really love it! But I do feel that it is a little pricy for the small sandwich. Well, perhaps I’m paying for the quality and not quantity. They have other sandwiches which looks tantalizing too. Now I have another good excuse to return again. If you are still hungry after eating the sandwich (like me), fret not, Frigidarium gelato is just nearby. ;)

*Roast of the day is only available on Wednesday & Friday
Smoke Shack
146 Market Street, #01-33
Tel 6557-2214
Close on Sat & Sun


Daniel said...

Mmm.. looking good as a takeaway lunch!

The sandwich and gelato combo. I like! =)

Bella V said...

You must try frigidarium gelato! Its awesomeeeee! :D

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