Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BLIC Ice-cream Cafe


Ice-cream parlours have flourished all over our tiny little island, from homemade ice-cream like Tom’s Palette, Island Creamery etc to the well-established B & J. And there are quite a few new players this year, such as Ice-cream Kingdom and BLIC which I’m going to blog about next.

I met up with Harris last weekend where we had an excellent wood-fired pizza at Al Forno. But before that, let’s head over to his favourite ice-cream cafe that is located right in the heartland of Tampines!

The vibrant colours of the BLIC (Ben & Larry’s Ice-cream Cafe) are noticeable even from a far distance. And I’m surprised that the cafe was pretty crowded when we reached there at around 9pm. Before we knew it, the queue starts forming up!


Ferrero (top) was deliciously nutty with a strong hazelnut flavour. I adore it but wished that there are more crunch in the ice-cream. Perhaps with some wafer biscuit so that it taste even more like ferrero rocher? Hehe. Time for Larry to do more experiments! ;;)
The Chunky Peanutella (bottom) was definitely the best I’ve tasted. It was so rich in flavour with chunks of chocolate and peanut bits. This is certainly my favourite. Besides, the two flavours were such a terrific combination when eaten together! Just imagine eating ferrero with peanut butter, this was sooo good. :D

I came for their Tiramisu too, which Harris highly recommended. I was happily indulging in my 2 scoops of ice-cream when Harris informed me that Ben was going to make for us a Ti-ra-misu! I almost choked on my 2 scoops of ice-cream as I'm sure I’m pretty full at that point of time. However, this wonderful treat is definitely worth the wait and calories.


My eyes beamed with delight when the Tiramisu was brought over to us. It was seriously hard not to fall in love with it. BLIC’s rendition of Tiramisu really tastes like the real thing except that they replaced mascarpone cream with their tiramisu ice-cream. Layer of tiramisu ice-cream, layer of moist savoiardi biscuit and a dash of cocoa powder completes this delicate dessert. Without doubt, the tiramisu ice-cream paired beautifully with the bacadi-infused (yes, you heard me right – barcadi) savoiardi and they managed to balance the alcohol level of this dessert very well. It was simply heavenly. :-*

The tiramisu is not on the menu yet as they are still thinking how to price it. But from what I heard from Ben, there had been positive feedbacks on their tiramisu, based on those who had already tried it. Just like what I just mentioned earlier on, “It’s hard not to fall in love with it!” Please let this wonderful dessert be on the menu soon!
I am so glad that the east has one more ice-cream parlour worth going for, with the smooth & creamy unique flavours like SCaM (comprising of soursop, calamansi and martini) or Mexican Vanilla and the popular choices of Ferrero, Blackie and Durian king. Besides, their ice-cream is pretty light like Tom's Palette and they uses all-natural ingredients as well. And as a new player in this market, I can see that they already have a group of royal fans. ;;) If you are willing to travel to the east, this is one good ice-cream cafe you should not miss! :)

I am truly stuffed and satisfied from all the yummy...while I was typing this,  I am already dreaming in tiramisu heaven now...

Read more about them at

Single Scoop Classic/Premium: $3.20/$5.20
Double Scoop Classic/Premium: $4.80/$7.80
Double Scoop Mix: $6.30

BLIC Ice Cream Cafe
Blk 802 Tampines Ave 4 #01-23


Anonymous said...

I have been wanting to go to BLIC since i duno when! But it's located in the east. Mehhh. :(
The unique flavours are pretty cool eh?

Bella V said...

foodoshoot: Good things are worth travelling for! Oh yes. The flavours are really good. Tried the Mexican Vanilla which I feel it was really not bad. It's a slightly different taste from your usual vanilla ice-cream. And the tiramisu is really execellent. I think they are going to launch it pretty soon. hehe :)

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to lay off desserts but all the posts about Tom's Palette, BLIC and all the other gelato places from sg and italy that every blogger is talking about is driving me NUTS.

I'm going crazy x.x I want to try all of them, hahaha

HungryTrotters said...

Hopefully they launch it like tomorrow? :) I need to try BLIC before i leave :)

Bella V said...

oysterdiaries: HAHAHA. I'm trying to avoid the sweets too but I just can't resist them! And I just went frigidarium. Their bacio gelato is fabulous! :D

HungryTrotters: Perhaps you can call BLIC to see if its's available? You're leaving soon and I'm sure Ben will be glad to make one for you. :)

Glenn Lee said...

They've had the Tiramisu for quite some time now, actually! I'm surprised they have yet to put it on the menu.

Bella V said...

Glenn: I guess they are trying to perfect their tiramisu! And it was really fabulous! I love it! :x

Daniel said...

I request for the Tiramisu everytime I go! Baileys is my all time favourite though. Still waiting for them to perfect the waffle!

Bella V said...

Daniel: haha. They should launch it real soon! I didn't see waffles on their menu but I do smell brownies when I was there. Smells pretty enticing!

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