Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wild Honey II: The Sweets

If I happened to crave for breakfast when I’m in town, the first place that comes to my mind is unquestionably Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery. My previous visit with the lip-smacking Tunisian breakfast had truly left a deep impression. I promised myself to return, and this time for the sweet breakfast. A great way to kick-start the day isn’t it? ;)


Sweet Morning ($18) it is. The French toast was done nice and soft. Stuffed with sweet peach and drizzled with maple syrup, it is certainly a delight. I couldn’t be much happier when I saw vanilla cream with peaks of vanilla beans served by the side. Spread a generous layer on the French toast and I was rewarded with instant gratification. It may sounds really exaggerating but I really love it! :D


The humongous portion of the Canadian breakfast ($18) almost gave me a shock when it was served to us. Three really thick stacks of fluffy pancakes served with crisp bacon, mixed berries compote and maple syrup. The pancakes are fluffy and soft, one of the better ones I had. However, I do feel they can be more generous with the maple syrup. One small jar definitely is insufficient for 3 thick pancakes. More maple syrup please! I feel that I can do without the salty crisp bacon and the mixed berries compotes which was really sour. :( This is one breakfast you either love or hate it. I bet guys would really love the massive portion as it should satisfy their “bottomless pit”. :p

I have a love-hate relationship with Wild Honey. They have this alluring factor which makes me come back for more even though I know the steep price does not justify for the quality of food. Despite having some hits and misses on both visit, I know I will return again. An irony? Maybe. I can't help but think again, "What breakfast should I try next?"  ;;)

Wild Honey
333A Orchard Road
#03-02 Mandarin Gallery
Tel: 6235 3900


Anonymous said...

Yeah prices are kinda steep.. but then again, breakfast is the most important meal of the day :P

HungryTrotters said...

How's Wild Honey doing? Still having long queues as before? I like that Brioche they usually served and they did it the french toast style too! And Vanilla beans in the cream...yum! :)

Bella V said...

foodsshoot: What's even better is breakfast all-day right? hehe. This makes every meal of the day important! :D

HungryTrotters: Weekdays the queue aint that bad. But I did queue for a while before we got a table. Oh yes, I think their toasted brioche is really good!

stargirl said...

omg i'll love to have that french toast! heard their tea bread was good too, but it's $26 per loaf yikes~

Bella V said...

stargirl: What?! $26 per loaf? That's really expensive! I love their bread but I think I wouldn't pay so much for it.

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