Thursday, August 26, 2010

Miki yo!


Miki yo! is the latest froyo outlet that I’ve stumbled upon at Suntec City recently. What actually caught my attention of this little yogurt branch is the toppings which they offered. Besides fresh fruits and cereals, they have mochi and various flavored jellies as well. I had the original flavored froyo with milk jelly and blueberries. I like that the froyo is not too sweet, which somehow resembles original flavored Yami Yogurt but smoother in texture. But of all, it doesn’t melt too fast! The milk jelly has distinct milk flavor which I really love it. :)

By the way, is froyo a guiltless treat? 
Maybe and maybe not. Check out the sugar content and you may be surprised. ;;)
And some people say froyo is the best ice-cream substitute? Do you agree?

Miki yo!
#01-140G Suntec City Mall
Outside Carrefour


stargirl said...

yeah i suppose froyo's the best substitute for ice cream (: froyo's not a guiltless treat, definitely! as you've stated, its full of sugar. but at least it has bacteria which is good for your gut.

the milk jelly sounds interesting!

ice said...

Nope. I've had enough of froyo. One fine day 2 months ago, I had my favorite Yami & that was the last straw. It suddenly got too sickeningly sweet, all laden with sugars. Those froyo toppings are just added calories. I go for real ice cream now.

I get my probiotics & calcium from real natural yogurt everyday, no sugar added. (:

Bella V said...

stargirl: Some froyos which I tried are loaded with tons of sugar which really turns me off. Unless they are sweetened naturally which I think is not quite possible. haha.

ice: I only eat froyo once in a while when my craving kicks in. I am certainly straying away from certain froyo outlets as they are really sweet. Like you, I still prefer natural plain yogurt :) But I do add toppings like cereals and fruits if I'm having it for breakfast. haha

Anonymous said...

i like froyos because i think it's slightly lighter than ice cream. haha but then again, it might be a psychological thing :P

Bella V said...

foodoshoot: haha. yea. I totally agree with you. Low in fat but high in sugar. Ironic isn't it? haha

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