Saturday, October 2, 2010

Quick Lunches - Sandwich On The Go!


Whenever I need a quick lunch, the first thing that came to my mind is sandwiches. I can find them anywhere, anytime and they are usually the simplest, most comforting food for me. Well-toasted sandwiches with delicious fillings, it can be as satisfying as my bowl of rice. :)

Freshly Baked by Le Bijoux has been around for quite some time but I haven’t got a chance to try it out until recently. This bakery-cafĂ© is owned by Chef Audrey Tan, a former executive pastry chef at Saint Pierre. Apart from homemade breads, sandwiches and cakes, Chef Audrey’s creations also includes old school bakes such as butter cake, kueh lapis etc. which really brings back the nostalgic memories of the past in this cozy cafe.


I was there in the late afternoon and I just want a simple sandwich to fill me up. Smoked Salmon Sandwich ($8.20) it is. Generous amount of smoked salmon with cream cheese spread and tomato confits is certainly good. The tomato bread served with it was fragrant and soft but the hard crust makes it difficult for me to masticate. I wanted to choose walnut raisin bread or multi-grain bread initially but they ran out of it. I guess I’ll have to return again to try it out. Oh, and I must try out the crunchy salted caramel tart too!


Another one of my favourite sandwich joint is Cedele. Organic, wholesome goodness all hidden within a simple sandwich. My all-time favourite would certainly be the Rosemary Chicken Sandwich ($7). Sweet cranberry sauce with chunks of chicken was such a great match together. Not forgetting to mention the homemade breads which I love. I usually choose rye bread, multi-grain bread and wholemeal linseed loaf for my sandwiches. Somehow I feel that their bread tasted good on its own! Other sandwiches which I usually order include shrimp & avocado, beef pastrami, totally grilled veggie tofu and grilled mushrooms.

Love subway? Love Quiznos!
Tender beef slices topped with mushrooms, sauteed onions and cheese, drizzled with honey bourbon mustard and zesty grille sauce. Sweet and savoury flavor all hidden within the Zesty Steak Sandwich. This is indeed fabulous! I think their Parmesan bread was so much better than Subway. Don't you think so? Yum yum..

Sandwich is my best friend. How about you?


stargirl said...

i eat sandwiches for lunch in school because the canteen food's atrocious LOL.

i like cedele's foccacia bap (: gotta agree that the sandwiches from quiznos are tastier than those from subway! but they're less filling and heavier on sodium.

ice said...

I love the walnut raisin with smoked salmon combi from Freshly Baked. The bread is terribly fragrant & fluffy! Salted caramel tart is good too.

For Cedele, I like the walnut bap with grilled veggie. But I've learnt my lesson. Stick with their sandwiches but not the other mains.

Haven't tried Quiznos!

Anonymous said...

Same here! Especially when I have work to do.
And I love cedele's sandwiches. Been going so often that I think I should really get their membership card. Love their beetroot avocado as well as their grilled tofu burger

Plus, I have an abundance of cakes to choose from for dessert :D

*Harris said...

I've been trying to find friends to eat Quiznos with, apparently I don't have enough sandwich-eating friends haha

huan said...

sandwiches are my choice of lunch if i am on the go. and they provide the veggies which is missing in most lunches!

Daniel said...

Yum for Quiznos Sub! I managed to find a rather good ciabatta sandwich in school, think I should take a picture of it sometime.. lolx

Btw, have you tried Gardenia's focaccia bread? Its surprisingly good in my opinion!

Bella V said...

Stargirl: Serious? I thought Quiznos was pretty filling. haha. I have not tried Cedele's foccacia bap before because I find it pretty thick. Maybe next time i'll give it a try!

ice: Waa..Now I really want to go back to Freshly Baked for their walnut raisin bread! I fins quiznos zesty steak sandwich pretty good but I'm not sure its the kind of sandwich you'll like. haha

oysterdiaries: Yeah! I agree with you! Cedele should come up with a membership system! I'm not quite sure about their cakes because I feel their standard has dropped.

Harris: You should go there after work! Provided that you knock off on time. haha

huan: Oh yes! And if you less the mayo and choose a wholegrain bread, it'll be so much nutritious!

Daniel: You should post it on your blog next time! I have not tried Gardenia's focaccia bread before cause I'm not really a fan of focaccia bread actually. haha

stargirl said...

cedele coincidentally has a membership system now (:

Singaporefoodlover said...

i love sandiwches also.. the steak sandwich looks really good, how much is it?

Bella V said...

Stargirl: Thanks for informing!

Singaporefoodlover: Hi there, its $6.90 for 6-inch zesty steak. :)

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