Saturday, October 30, 2010

LivinGreens - Guiltless Lasagna!


I have patronized LivinGreens for a couple of times now but it is only recently that I know from myfoodsirens that they have other mouth-watering vegetarian dishes which I’ve never tried before. I decided to order the LivinGreens Lasagna ($8.50) which was highly recommended.
Guiltless Lasagna, who wouldn’t want it?;;)


I must say I was pretty impressed how awesome this is! Each layer is packed with chockfull of vegetables such as eggplants, mushrooms, red and green peppers etc. Instead of the usual lasagna noodles, they use soya paste to replace it. Wheat-, gluten- and dairy-free lasagna, even my friend who doesn’t eat much vegetable gave thumbs-up to this! This is indeed, a well-executed vegan lasagna. :)


I went back a few days later and tried the Vegan Quiche ($8), which is a daily special. The taste is a little similar to the lasagna but with a firmer texture. A mixture of tofu, soya paste and diced vegetables with the outer crust made from chickpeas! This is really delectable. I couldn’t decide which one I like more, the lasagna or the quiche as both are really delicious!

Lasagna is available everyday while the vegan quiche is only available on certain day of the week. You may want to check out their daily specials on the website.

325 Beach Rd
Mondays to Saturdays
11:00am to 08:30pm


stargirl said...

wow you managed to make the unphotogenic lasagna look pretty in the second pic!

Glenn Lee said...

@stargirl: Hmm. Actually I thought, that the first picture looked a lot better than the second - just me!

Looks nice! Also, between the two, I would choose the quiche. I love quiches. Still on the fence re pure vegetarian meals though :(

Bella V said...

Stargirl: haha. It totally looks unappealing at all but sure taste yummy!

Glenn: I'm not surprised as most guys I know don't really like vegetarian. ;)

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