Saturday, October 9, 2010

eM by the River


This could possibly be a great place for Sunday brunch...


or a awesome place to chill out.. 
with great breakfast food..

Eggs Benedict, certainly on my top 3 list

Eggs Florentine

Eggs Royale

American Breakfast

or even with a not so fantastic Pancakes...
at least we got a great company - Xinli & friends, Glenn


Good food, nice place, great company 
but an atrocious service
Thank you eM, I truly had a memorable service experience.

You may wish to read a more detailed review by Xinli here.

eM by the River
Gallery Hotel
1 Nanson Rd, Singapore 238909
6836 9691


ice said...

I love your new backdrop!

alkanphel said...

Those eggs do look very nice!

huan said...

looks great. seems like the area is sprouting with good brunch places!

Bella V said...

ice: hehe ;)

alkanphel: The eggs are really good. Pity for the bad service though

huan: There are indeed quite a few brunch places there. But I wouldn't recommend eM yet because of its service.

^cherie said...

Whoaaa.. i want those eggs!

Came here from Amasou.. he recommended me your webbie when i asked for brunch recommendation :)

Book marking!!

Sherie @

Bella V said...

Hi Sherie, thanks for dropping by my blog :)The service at eM is not up to my standard yet even though the food was pretty nice. If you looking for other brunch places, I'll recommend prive, epicurious cafe (good egg ben) and double bay restaurant for sunday brunch :)
Alternatively if you want to try out new place, you can go to jolly frog gourmet bistro & bar too.

HungryTrotters said...

All the eggs pictures look enticing! :) Yum! :)

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