Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Book Cafe

The cozy corner

If you are looking for a nice, cozy place for a cup of coffee or to do some quiet reading, The Book Cafe might be the perfect place for you. The ambiance here is pretty relaxing, with soft music playing in the background. You may even order just a cup of coffee and sit down there for the whole day, no one will disturb you at all. The staff are quite friendly and they definitely make sure you have a pleasant moment in the cafe. :)

Egg Benedict

The Book Cafe is also one of the few places that serve all-day breakfast. Even though my Egg Benedict ($14.90) was not spectacularly delicious, I still polished my plate clean. I will probably appreciate it better if the poached eggs are less sour. Other breakfast items available include omelette, pancakes, french toast etc. Their breakfast items are priced slightly higher than other cafes nearby such as Epicurious Cafe and Kith Cafe. But I guess, it is the relaxing environment and friendly service that drew customers back again. ;)

The Book Cafe
20 Martin Rd #01-02
Seng Kee building
Tel: 6887 5430


Amasou Umasou said...

Walked past this place while on the search for Kith Cafe last Sunday. So many book store cafes are popping up everywhere these days

Bella V said...

Just saw your review on Book Cellar. I guess it is all the quaint little cafe that appeals to most people. And especially for those who wish to have a quiet moment at the cafe. Nice and relaxing :)

Anonymous said...

hello! have any idea if they allow you to study there? :)

Bella V said...

sparkedillusion: Hi, I'm not sure if they do allow studying but you may check with them. I think the cafe is more suitable for reading. :)

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