Monday, November 22, 2010

Smiths Authentic British Fish & Chips

Smiths Authentic Fish & Chips

The latest buzz at Tanjong Katong road is undoubtedly Smiths Authentic British Fish & Chips. It is almost impossible to miss this restaurant especially with the bustling business in the evening packed with fish & chips lovers, mostly of which are Caucasians.

Counter Crews

You can choose to dine-in or takeaway. However, the restaurant is pretty small, which can only occupy a maximum of 30 diners. Do go early if you wish to get a table. :)

The great thing about Smiths is they do not have service charge or GST! All you need to do is go to the counter, make your order, make payment and the staff will issue you a queue number, where you wait to collect your fish & chips!

Queue Number

In Britain, haddock and cod are the most common type of fish used in fish & chips. At Smiths, you have a choice of dory, haddock or cod. I decided to go for the Haddock Fish & Chips ($16) as recommended by the staff and friend who tried it before.

Haddock Fish & Chips

The portion of the fish is huge! The batter of the fish is extremely crispy without being too oily. I love the firm texture of the haddock fillet that is so fresh and flaky. Its been such a long time since I had such a terrific fish and chips. Add a splash of malted vinegar and salt over it, this is fantastic! :x

The Huge Portion of Haddock Filet!

The only disgruntle I have is the home-made chips. The chips are not as crispy as I like it to be even though I got the freshly fried chips. I certainly had better ones before. Perhaps I'll do without the chips and go straight for the fish the next time I come back. I also had the Mushy Peas ($2) for my sides. This is so simple yet palatable!

I am pretty satisfied with my meal at Smiths. I'll probably try out the cod or salmon fish cake on my next visit! ;;)

Smiths Authentic Fish & Chips
230 Tanjong Katong Rd
Opened till 11pm


stargirl said...

i can't wait to visit Smiths!

Cavalock said...

looks good, is it anywhere near the katong laksa stall?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh i know glenn wants to go there! Haha! After reading your post, I wanna go too! :D

ice said...

I actually like the fries alot! Fluffy & not soggy, not the thin crispy more skin-than-potato kind. Mushy peas were awesome too!

Bella V said...

Stargirl: Go try it! Ice and I feel its pretty good!

Cavalock: Its very near pungol nasi lemak at Katong. haha

foodoshoot: go with chewy charles!

ice: I do agree the fries are fluffy and soft on the inside but only wished it was much crispier. Some home-made chips actually do double frying to ensure the chips are crispy. haha

Daniel said...

I swear I got to try this! Once I get myself out of NTU.. lolx

Bella V said...

Daniel: Don't worry. They will still be around when you by then. LOL ;))

Martin said...

The chips are authentic, it's not a negative ;) If they were crispy they would not be authentic!

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