Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Itacho Sushi: A Pictorial

Sushi Counter

Itacho Sushi, currently my favourite place for affordable, fresh and delectable sushi.

Table Settings

Hokkai Don
Salmon, Tuna, Scallop Sashimi, flying fish roe and Crabmeat. They have one of the best value lunch set which cost only $12.50!
Hokkai Don

Fresh sashimi and well-seasoned rice that tasted so good on its own!
Hokkai Don

Curry Lobster Tamago (Only available at Plaza Singapura branch)
Tamago is served piping hot and it is so moist and soft. Curry lobster is certainly flavorsome and compliments with the tamago very well.
Curry Lobster Tamago

Salmon with Soy Sauce, Scallop & Aburi Salmon Belly
Salmon with soy sauce, Scallop and Aburi Salmon Belly

Aburi Salmon Belly
that simply melts in your mouth and the succulent, sweet Scallop. Heavenly :x

Aburi Otoro (Tuna Belly)
Aburi Otoro (Tuna Belly)

Supreme Anago Sushi
Supreme Anago sushi

Anago Sushi
I think this taste better than the supreme anago, it is so soft and moist. I love this. :x

Salmon Sushi
Salmon Sushi

Curry Lobster Gunkan
Curry Lobster

Itacho Sushi
Available at:
1. ION Orchard #B2-18
2. Plaza Singapura, #02-35


Amasou Umasou said...

wow, I like your 1st shot, haven't got the chance to try itachou though. Will try to drop by one day :)

huan said...

superb. i love this sushi joint too! but the long queues are sometimes a put off.

my post on itacho:

Wen said...

I went there once and love it too!

Bella V said...

Amasou Umasou: It is really not bad. I think their sushi tasted fresher and better if compared to Sushi Tei. :)

Huan: haha. I read your post before. I'm a frequent customer of Itacho but I will never queue for it. I will only go there when there's no queue. hehe

Wen: great! What's your favourite sushi there?

Daniel said...

Ahh.. They got a branch at PS now? Shows how long I haven been there.. lolx. Loved the Anago, now I wanna go have the Hokkai Don too!

I was at its HK shop during my trip in May. Menu very much copied wholesale. And the sweet potato desserts was as small as ever. ahaha.

Bella V said...

Daniel: I find their lunch set a great deal! There's a sakura don which looks not bad as well. I think Itacho is going to open another outlet in Bugis in end Dec. haha

Glenn Lee said...

Wahhhh looks nice eh! How much do the individual sushis cost?

Anonymous said...

Ooh Itacho! I rmb it's one of ur fav japanese sushi outlets :D

Bella V said...

Glenn: Price ranges from $0.80 to $6-8 for sushi.

foodoshoot: Yup. Currently my favourite. I like that their sushi is really fresh. :)

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