Saturday, November 13, 2010

Malga Gelato & Other Ice-cream Delights!


Chase away the blues! An ice-cream a day keeps the troubles away! I’ve been having lots of good ice-cream recently and I’m going to share with you one by one. The first one I’m going to introduce is Malga gelato.

Frankly speaking, I’ve never tried many gelatos from Japan before and I never knew how good it was until I tried it on Thursday. The texture of the gelato is incredibly smooth and light; fruit flavors using natural ingredients that makes it luxuriously good and each flavor that is so distinctive in taste. I love it so much that I went back for their gelato the next day!

The Strawberry Sherbet (above) is my favourite among all. Luscious strawberries pulp embedded within the sherbet is simply amazing, each mouthful with bursting strawberry flavor. While it may seem boring to choose the Vanilla gelato, you are so wrong. Not many places can make this flavor so well, only Malga. Vanilla is so rich in flavor and if you look closely, there are peaks of vanilla beans inside! :-*


Matcha lovers must definitely try the Green Tea Gelato. The strong matcha flavor with a slight bitterness is love! Malga’s fruit flavors are really awesome. The Raspberry Sherbet packed with berry goodness is very refreshing and hint of sourness just like the actual fruit itself! =D>

Malga Gelato is currently retailing at Hokuriku Fair at Isetan Scotts Supermarket and ending this Sunday (14 November). Try it before it's gone!

Tom’s Palette 

As a tiramisu-lover, I must say I really enjoyed Tom’s Tiramisu flavor a lot. This is one of the best flavor created by them and they usually sold out pretty quickly (except for this month because of the newly-created Salted Egg Yolk flavor which was sold out faster than Tiramisu – must try it too!) and they only have it on the second week of each month on Friday. The Rum & Raisin flavor has adequate amount of rum and plump juicy raisin is a perfect match to the Tiramisu! :x

The Daily Scoop

The Daily Scoop’s ice-cream with its smooth, creamy texture is not heavy on the palate at all. Tom’s Palette and TDS are probably the only two ice-cream parlors that make salted caramel ice-cream exceptionally well. Salted Mr Brown is salted caramel ice-cream with brownie bits. The salty flavor hits me instantly upon the first mouthful and it really whets my appetite! Butterscotch Pecan which they do not make frequent is a must-try too! And I must mention that they are extremely generous with their scoop of ice-cream as well. :D

Cedele’s Cloud Nine Ice-cream

Cedele’s eggless ice-cream is made fresh weekly with no trans fat and are vegetarian friendly. Earl Grey & Fig ice-cream is a brilliant comination! Earl grey flavor is aromatic and refreshing, and the chunks of figs hidden within paired so wonderfully with it. This is wickedly awesome! ;;) I will not talk about the other flavor that I’ve tried, which is Salted Caramel as it wasn’t as good as Tom’s or The Daily Scoop.

And I’m done with all the yummy ice-cream! I’m making you hungry before breakfast!
Lick the screen ;))


ice said...

I agree with you on Cloud 9's lousy salted caramel, otherwise these are all my favorite ice creams too! :)

Malga gelato is mad love. Totally in love with strawberry sherbet & natural salt!

stargirl said...

i share the same sentiments as ice (: nice shots of Malga gelato you've got there!

Franky said...

That looks amazing!!

Daniel said...

I'm licking my screen so hard until i can taste liquid crystal dsiplay already. =D

Sigh, I need my fix of Tom's Palette!

Bella V said...

ice: I tried those flavours all because of your recommendations! Awesome stuff indeed! :D

Stargirl: Thanks! Pity I didn't manage to go down again this weekend. Shall wait for the next Hokuriku Fair in May next yr. :)

Franky: It tasted amazing!

Daniel: Don't wait! Go Tom's soon! hehe

Cavalock said...

oh, i didn't know Cedele has ice-cream! ;P

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